In Surovikinsky area of the Volgograd region the police found two
juvenile suspects in damage to eight memorial
slabs on the walk to the memory of countrymen who died in the Great Patriotic war,
it is reported on the website
Main Department of MIA of Russia in Volgograd region.

The message about the damage to the monuments entered in another part of the Department
MVD of Russia in Surovikinskom district October 30, 2016. It clarifies
“Volgograd-TV”, the police asked the head of administration of rural Lobachevskogo
settlement Vladimir Sitnikov.

Volgograd police held an inspection and found the suspects. As
reported “Interfax” in
MIA, the eldest of the children – nine years.

“The day the children were walking near the Alley of memory, which
located memorial stele and eight memorial plates. During the game
one of the students proposed to knock down the monuments. Tying them with ropes,
they took them, and damaged the stele, breaking facing
tile”, – told the police.

With children and their parents led preventive discussions. Now
time the issue of placing children in a detention Center
juvenile offenders.

Judging by the website
Lobachevskogo rural settlements, activities for children in this
location is extremely small. In culture news announced the only
the event, held on 21 October 2016, and it is called
“Sitting in the club “Restless retirees”.

Another monument in honor of the victory in the great Patriotic war – stele
in Volgograd on the Avenue Zhukov – was demolished in June 2016 motorist.
As reported by “Volga-Media”, the driver simply fell asleep at the wheel.

In April 2015 in Perm Krai on the eve of the anniversary of the Victory
in the great Patriotic war, children – all under 13 – abandoned
in the Eternal flame the bottle with foam to see how it

However, kids like to play with Soviet monuments not only in
Russia. In October 2015 in Poland 10-year-old boy and nine-year-old
girl injured
57 graves in a cemetery in the city of Milejczyce, which buried about
1600 soldiers of the red army: the kids wanted to tear the red stars from the graves of memory.

In the Volgograd region, two children knocked down 8 of memorial plates, playing at the memorial Alley 01.11.2016

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