The court of Voronezh region has pronounced a sentence already to the former guards convicted of the murder of a citizen. Policeman caused him fatal injuries trying to stop a family quarrel.

The court has appointed guilty punishment in the form of seven years of imprisonment with serving in a corrective colony of strict regime, reports the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

In addition, the court deprived him of his right to occupy positions related to the implementation of the functions of a representative of authority in law enforcement, for a period of two years. Also, the convicted person is deprived of a special rank of “major of police”.

It is established that on August 10, 2014 at OMVD Russia in the Anninsky district of Voronezh region received a telephone message about a family scandal in a residential building, located in the village of Sadova. “To check the message a police officer arrived at the address, where was unjustly beaten 57-year-old landlord, dealing multiple blows with hands in head area”, – stated in a press release.

Note that the strokes of the palms used by the police and prison staff in order for the body had no traces of beatings.

After execution, the police officer pushed the victim from the apartment to the entrance of the house and together they went outside. “The man sat down on a bench near the entrance, and the policeman left. The next morning the victim in an unconsciousness was found by neighbors and taken to medical institution”, – explained in Department of the RF IC.

26 Aug 2014 the man, without regaining consciousness, has died.

To hide traces of the committed crime, the guards “made knowingly false information in the material procedural checks on the circumstances of obtaining victim of injuries”.

During the preliminary investigation, the ex-police officer did not recognize guilt. However, it is denounced through the testimony of witnesses and victims, as well as the conclusions of forensic examinations.

The former guard was found guilty under paragraph “a, b” part 3 article 286 (“Excess of powers of office made with application of violence, with causing of heavy consequences”), part 4 of article 111 (“Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, entailed on imprudence death of the victim”) of the criminal code.

The district organized the murder of the man stripped and left to die in the cold

In the Ulyanovsk region in the suspected murder of 33-year-old precinct police Department (dislocation of Rabochiy poselok Staraya kulatka) intermunicipal Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs “Pavlovsky” Ruslan Mustafin. The victim of the guard and his accomplices became a 42-year-old Ildus S.

Ildus the corpse with multiple injuries was discovered in a landfill near the village of Staraya kulatka 26 December 2015.

Later it was found that the police Mustafin has entered into an agreement with the 25-year-old Ramil Muratov and 49-year-old Fjarit Karayev. The attackers had intended to kill Ildus, and the search for victims was organized precinct.

“Finding the man near one of the buildings on the street, the Subway in named locality, these individuals have taken it to the dump, – informs the official website of the regional Prosecutor’s office. – Causing a handcuffed victim multiple punches and kicks to various parts of the body, the attackers, seeing that he is unconscious, stripped to his goals and left to die.”

At that moment the associates of the police were in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Hiding from the murder scene, Mustafin and he proceeded to the victim’s house. There, together with the 33-year-old Ruslan by Kipchatova they poured brought a flammable liquid on the floor and walls of the house, then burned home.

Found that six weeks before the incident, the police hid the fact that mobile phone theft victim, ignoring the appeal of the mother of men, to which the employee of bodies of internal Affairs was in hostile relations.

Mustafina was charged under subsection “a, b” part 3 article 286 (“Excess of powers of office made with application of violence and special means, with causing of heavy consequences”), item “f” h 2 item 105 (“Murder committed by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion”), part 2 of article 167 (“Deliberate destruction and damage of another’s property by an arson”), part 1 of article 285 (“Abuse of official powers”) of the criminal code. A police officer, if convicted, faces a penalty of life imprisonment.

Muratov, Karaev and Kipchatov (depending on the role and degree of participation) are charged under clause “f” of part 2 of article 105 (“Murder committed by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion”), part 5 of article 33, paragraph”a, b” part 3 article 286 (“Complicity in abuse of office, committed with violence, special means, with causing of heavy consequences”), part 2 of article 167 (“Deliberate destruction and damage of another’s property by an arson”) of the criminal code.

After the confirmation of the indictment criminal case is directed to court for consideration on the merits.

In the Voronezh region police major who beat to death a member of a family scandal, has received 7 years of strict regime 23.11.2016

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