In Vinnytsia before the city Council, which hosted the plenary meeting of the authorities, the afternoon of October 28 going to the rally, dozens of members of which are required to reduce utility tariffs and the transparency of their formation. At some point, protesters even broke into the hall of the city Council, reports “UKRINFORM”.

The rally was attended mostly by the elderly, more than 100 people. They set up the tent and brought placards with slogans “we Demand a moratorium on tariffs,” “Bring on the drugs”, “Stop plundering public property”, “We don’t need the power that is the enemy of the people”.

At some point people wanted to get into the courtroom to talk with officials. They entered the building, but security wouldn’t let them on the turnstiles. There was a small fight. The result of the confrontation was damaged by a turnstile. Activists decided to block the exit and to continue the action in the lobby, reports the edition “New time”.

The police and security forced them to leave the building. About the victims and detainees at the end of the incident data are not available. Note that in the winery, where there was a meeting, was born the current Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman. The Prime Minister has not commented on the incident in Vinnitsa.

As reported NEWSru.uanational Commission of Ukraine, regulating energy and utilities, on the background of establishment may 1, unified price of natural gas for the population increased from July 1, tariffs on centralized heating and hot water on average of 75-90%. From September 1, has also raised the electricity tariffs.

Simultaneously, the government increased the budget for subsidies for vulnerable segments of the population. According to estimates of the Ministry of social policy, with the beginning of the heating season 2016-2017 subsidies in Ukraine will receive about 9 million families.

In the winery a few dozen pensioners decided to storm the city Council because of the high utility tariffs 29.10.2016

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