Russia on the quality of roads for the second year is 123-e a place in the Swiss ranking of countries ‘ competitiveness Global Competitiveness Report. This follows from the report published on the website of the world economic forum (WEF). Neighbors of the Russian Federation on the list were Gabon (121), Sierra Leone (122), Lebanon (124) and Costa Rica (125).

Worse than in Russia, Lebanon and Costa Rica, roads in Nigeria, Chad, Romania, Yemen, Cameroon, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mozambique, Ukraine, Mauritania, Paraguay, the Congo and in Madagascar, which occupies a lower place in the ranking, which included 138 countries.

First place for quality of roads was taken by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Singapore second, and the third is Hong Kong. The ten countries with the highest quality roads included the Netherlands, Japan, France, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal and Denmark.

The report also provides an assessment of rail, port and aviation infrastructure. According to these parameters, Russia has occupied 25-e 72-e and 65 respectively.

As notes “Kommersant”, the last ten years the situation in Russia was deteriorating. In 2009, the country ranked 118 th place by quality of roads, in 2013-m – 136-E. In 2014, the situation has improved for the first time: Russia has risen to 124th place in 2015 for another item.

However, it must be borne in mind that in this year’s ranking was included 138 countries, and in 2015 – there were 140. However, in the past year, such fluctuations on one or two points the Director of the Institute of transport Economics VSHE Michael Blinkin attributed to statistical error.

“Assessment of international experts the state of our infrastructure, unfortunately, objective”, commented stars out Blinkin. According to him, the development of roads in the country is assessed mainly by three indicators: number settlements that do not have year-round access to paved roads, rail or ports, the condition of the road network in the cities and roads of the first technical category (motorways).

“The latest we have about five thousand miles is almost nothing for our country, – said Blinkin. In China, these trails 25 years ago did not exist, now 120 thousand km In USA – 80 thousand km In Russia of 46 thousand settlements have no opportunity all year round to get to other cities.

According to him, in recent years, Russia has “made significant steps”: the Agency has published on normative financing of repair of roads, the state company “Avtodor” is actively attracting investors for the construction of roads of the first technical category, “but that no one did for decades, so globally little has changed over recent years.”

The condition of roads in the regions are trying to attract the attention of the authorities, local residents and motorists. The motorists of the city of Tynda in the Amur region were posted on the video Network where local trails are compared to the hostilities in Donbass and Syria, drivers in the city of Rubtsovsk of Altai Krai scored pit sand, grass and cow dung, mixed with gravel, and the residents of Birobidzhan, finding that after the snow in the city is practically no roads, have made two inscriptions on the cover of the old bridge across the river Bira – “Jack, where’s the road?” and “Putin SOS make a bridge.” The first sentence was addressed to the mayor of the city Eugene Korosteleva, and the second is Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Sometimes the residents of repairing roads on their own, but for this, Russia can issue a fine. So, at the end of August in Astrakhan service of municipal control and GAI regarded the unauthorized repair of the road made on the initiative and at its own expense, residents as “road damage” and fined the contractor for 25 thousand rubles.

A recent report by the Federal Agency Rosavtodor was allegedthat on the old unrepaired roads can be less accidents as drivers are not at risk to accelerate, violating the speed limit.

In the world rating of road quality Russia ranked 123 out of 138 possible 01.10.2016

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