In the South Yakut College of technology in Neryungri are checking on the fact of a fight that occurred right during the training sessions in the classroom. According to preliminary data, one of the students lashed out with his fists on the teacher. However, for an elderly man stood up the other disciples. Video of a brawl involving students and teacher were published by the Agency

The incident occurred on 3 October. The cause of the conflict between student and teacher was that boy in the classroom was sitting behind a Desk inserted in the ears headphones. Because the student refused to remove them, the teacher walked over to him and pulled the wire. This led the young man into a rage. He jumped up from his seat and rushed abuse of “attack” on the teacher, trying to strike him with his fist.

However, in the class rose a disapproving hum. About five students got up from their seats and surrounded the violent classmate. Two of them overpowered him. Then he began to push and beat on the head, trying to get into the corridor. In the end it was done.


The shooting incident was accompanied by a laugh track operator or other witnesses. And one of the students did not conceal a smile on his face.

A former classmate of the young man, who was sitting in the classroom with headphones, said that he has previously been known for his temper. “The boy studied with me in one class, he could throw a chair at the teacher, often distracted, if something did not as he wanted. Fought with classmates,” says the girl.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the College boy is satisfied with such scandals”.

In the Yakut College students stood up for an elderly teacher, who began to beat their classmate (VIDEO) 04.10.2016

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