In Zabaykalsky Krai, despite the change of leadership in the region, continues to record the problems with payments of salaries to teachers. According to IA “Chicago”in the administrative center of Transbaikalia – Chita – teachers produce a “penny” payments to cover the delayed salaries. Similar problems arose in the schools of Karymsky district of the Transbaikalia, said “Submedia”.

About problems with salaries of teachers in Chita, told journalists one of the teachers of secondary schools of the city. According to her, in October, she received a salary in the amount of 40 rubles and 60 kopecks.

Previous payment female received in early October. Then it transferred 13 thousand rubles on account of back salary for September.

New payment of the teacher, by law, had to obtain no later than 15 days. “I think that most likely these 40 rubles and transferred us to create a visibility enumeration. Like the payment went through, and how much – no one checks”, – said the teacher.

She said that he lives in a rented apartment, for which monthly pay 14 thousand rubles. The previous payout was on account of payment of rent. In addition, the woman pays three credits for a total amount of seven thousand rubles, and also helps her mother. Now the family lives from hand to mouth.

“It hurts the child, but I can’t fix it because I cannot buy drugs. Yes, what to say? I can not buy bread. How many will continue this bullying? I don’t know where to turn. In Treasury say that no means”, – said the teacher.

In Karymskoye district, TRANS-Baikal teachers are also not paid wages for October, although the terms of the collective agreement, was to make it to number 10. About this “Submedia” on November 14 reported teacher 4th school in the village of Karymskoye Irina Mishchenko. In addition, according to her, the advance teachers were also issued not to the extent you need.

The Ministry of education of the region said that the funds were transferred to municipalities last Friday, November 11. “Given the weekend and the term cash flow from the accounts, within two to three working days salary will be paid. This is about the Tuesday-Wednesday”, – explained in Minobra.

A year ago in the TRANS also had problems with the payment of salaries to teachers and doctors. In November 2015, then Governor of the region Konstantin Ilkovsky has even made a representation by the prosecution due to “insufficient filling of the budget of the region, which resulted in the shortage of funds for payment of salaries to teachers.”

After the situation has not changed, Ilkovsky resigned. Now the region leads the ex-head of the local legislative Assembly Natalia Zhdanova.

Despite this, problems with payments of salaries to state employees in the region continue. In connection with the frequent complaints in the local Department of insurance has even created a special Departmentresponsible for investigating the facts of nonpayment of wages.

According to Rosstat, in 2015 the gross average salary of the employees of schools was 28 041 ruble. We will remind that in August the issue of low teachers ‘ salaries was raised by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who, speaking at the forum “Territory meanings on the Klyazma”, gave the Council dissatisfied with their income teachers to revise or change professions, for example, to go into business.

A hasty Council Medvedev caused an uproar and a flurry of sarcastic comments on the Network, and the Internet has begun collecting signatures for his resignation. Despite this, Medvedev soon again commented on the subject, calling the situation with salaries of teachers in Russia “overall decent“.

In addition, in August about the salaries of the teachers spoke who was then the Minister of education Dmitry Livanov. He recognizedthat although in recent years teachers ‘ salaries increased significantly, but “because of the rising prices experienced a serious depreciation”. Just two weeks after this statement, the Minister lost his post.

In October in the Kremlin the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin met with winners of the national contest “Teacher of year of Russia” in 2016, the winner of which was a teacher of Russian language and literature from Armavir (Krasnodar Krai), Alexander Shagalov. In the course of communication Shagalova with Putin it turned out that last year the best teacher of Russia “26-27-28 thousand rubles”, working at half rate. Putin noted that this is below the average earnings of teachers in the country, which last year amounted to 32.5 thousand rubles, and this year is 36 “with something”.

In Transbaikalia the teacher received a salary in the amount of 40 rubles 15.11.2016

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