Investigators of Tula opened a criminal case against a local resident suspected in the attack on the officer. The policeman was hospitalized with a stab wound to the abdomen.

Criminal punishment for a 63-year-old previously convicted resident of the village of Kosaya Gora in the Tula. He is currently detained. The reasons of the attack, according to the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

According to investigators, the day October 1, 2016, the suspect, being in an alcohol intoxication, came to the building of the police station “Kosogorsky” UMVD on the Tula and demanded that the police listened to him. To talk to the citizen published the duty of the Department.

“Suddenly the man struck the policeman a blow in the abdomen before it with a knife, then fled the scene,” – said in a press release.

It is known that the offender used a folding knife. “Despite the severe wound, the police officer remembered the description of the assailant and managed to tell his assistant,” – said the official representative of the Russian Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk.

The investigation and arrest of a suspect was focused all the police on duty nearby. After 17 minutes, the attacker was caught, reported IA “Tula news”.

A wounded police captain Alexander Alekseev admitted. He had the operation.

2 October morning, the head of the interior Ministry of Russia
Tula region, Sergei Galkin visited the hospital the injured officer.

“The head of the internal Affairs bodies of the region talked to the doctors,
familiar with the data on the state of health of the victim and the police
wished him a speedy recovery and return to service. According to
doctors, currently threatening the life of the police officer there, he
carried out all the necessary treatment measures”, – quotes “Interfax” words of head a press-services of regional Ministry of internal Affairs Andrei Yartsev.

In fact the incident a criminal case was initiated under article 317 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“the Encroachment on life of law enforcement officer”). The suspect is threatened by punishment in the form of life term of imprisonment.

We will add that in late September, became aware of the imposition of Tatarstan the sentence on a similar criminal case. There in the knife attack on a police officer was charged with 76-year-old Mendeleevska Egor Volkov.

It is established that on 5 June 2016, the pensioner, being in a drunken state, staged a riot in the presence of relatives. The man threatened them with murder.

Arriving police and ambulance and tried to calm Volkov. But he began to resist and waving a knife. In the beginning of the fight the police officer stabbed in the arm, reported the official website of the Prosecutor’s office of Tatarstan. A criminal case was opened under part 2 of article 318 (Use of violence dangerous to life and health, against a representative of authorities) of the criminal code. It provides till 10 years of imprisonment.

It later emerged that the pensioner suffers from a disorder of the mixed Genesis (vascular and alcoholic) and at the time of the accident was in a state of insanity. The court sent alcoholics to compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital of General type.

In Tula drunk man stabbed a police officer 03.10.2016

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