In Tula after the suicide of two 13-summer Schoolgirls punished the employee of administration of educational institution: for the careless he reprimanded, reports “Interfax” with reference to regional Prosecutor’s office.

Senior assistant regional Prosecutor Lyubov Kuznetsova told the news Agency that the teachers of the Tula school, where he studied for two 13-year-old girl after
test knew about their complex psychological state, but not
drew attention to it. In addition, the school was not put on
the proper level the prevention of suicide among adolescents.

The bodies of two of the seventh-grader of one of schools in the proletarian district of Tula were found on 3 April on the concrete slabs near one of the unfinished houses on the street Khvorostukhina.

The TFR in the investigation of “incitement to suicide” found that one of the victims repeatedly expressed suicidal thoughts, as reported by his friends and girlfriend, which had a great influence. At the scene was found a suicide note.

The Prosecutor stated that the results of the tests at the school showed one of two girls “shared situational negative attitude to man”, and both revealed “discomfort emotionally to the important people and concepts.” Kuznetsova said that the school administration did not pay attention to these facts and did not conduct psychological work with pupils. From the publication of “Interfax” it is unclear how serious and how rare these characteristics for students.

The prosecutors also blamed school authorities that the teachers had not attended to the involvement of children in extra-curricular activities: girls ceased to engage in volleyball last year, and the teachers did nothing to captivate them with something else.

Also, the Prosecutor’s office revealed violations in the activities of the developer who owns the building, where girls committed suicide: it is not fenced, allowing the girls climbed into the building.

In Tula the school administration scolded after the suicides of two students 21.05.2016

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