Turkish police detained in Izmir on the West brother’s opposition Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen Tubettini. Living in the US of a preacher Ankara considers the mastermind of the failed coup attempt.

Kutbettin, Gulen was wanted on charges of involvement in the activities of the organization headed by his brother. He was taken for interrogation to the security Directorate and will soon be arraigned.

Operation on detention was spent by the police in Izmir on the basis of operational evidence that the suspect is hiding in the house of his relative in the district of Gaziemir, reports RIA “Novosti”.

TASS recalls that on 23 September the Turkish authorities arrested the niece Emine Gulen. The detention was held in the County Endemic the Western province of Balikesir. It turned out that she was a significant part of the telephone conversations conducted with one person in the United States. In addition, she seized a large number of photographs and books Gulen.

In August police arrested his nephew Kemal Gulen Gulen, TV presenter and a lawyer. He was detained in a village in the province of Kastamonu, where he was hiding since mid-July after the failure of the conspiracy. Had arrested another nephew of the preacher Adbullah Korucuk.

On the night of July 16, in Turkey a group of rebels attempted a military coup. The main fighting took place in Ankara and Istanbul. Killed more than 240 Turkish citizens, more than 2 thousand people were injured, the rebellion was suppressed. The Turkish authorities have accused Gulen of involvement in the coup attempt and demanded that the US extradite him. Gulen himself condemned the rebellion and declared his innocence.

On charges of involvement in Gulen in Turkey after the mutiny was arrested about 32 thousand people.

In Turkey have arrested another relative of Fethullah gülen is his brother 02.10.2016

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