Law enforcement bodies of Turkey has prosecuted a citizen of this country, who worked as a janitor at a camp of Syrian refugees and raped their children. In the criminal case featured dozens of victims.

Suspect threatens Turkish citizen for pedophilia punishment in the form of imprisonment for a period of 289 years, writes Hurriyet Daily News.

According to investigators, the Turks for three months was subjected to young Syrians to sexual abuse. Just from its actions has suffered for 30 migrant children, aged from eight to 12 years. All crimes committed on the territory of the tent camp where the refugees lived. This item of migrants located in the district of Nizip in Gaziantep province, bordering Syria.

The man followed young children in toilets and other secluded places, where there was no CCTV. There he offered the victim money in the amount of from 1.5 to five Turkish liras (approximately 0.5-1.5 USD) for sexual services.

29-year-old suspect was arrested on 5 September 2015. But in the Turkish press, the information was leaked only eight months. After that, the members of the Turkish emergency management Agency (AFAD), which are involved in the investigation, were forced to make may 12, an official statement. It said that the authorities have taken all measures to prevent such crimes and also provided psychological assistance to victims.

We will add that this is the first known case of violence against Syrian refugees in Turkey. This application is a pedophile, agreed to write the parents of eight affected children. Other families are afraid to complain about the rapist out of fear that they may be stripped of refugee status.

Cleaner first the detainee confessed to the crime, but then recanted, saying that he was forced to take the blame.

Although medical examinations proved impossible to confirm the version about serial rapes of refugee children, it seems plausible. The testimony of victims do not contradict each other. In addition, they have no apparent reason to feel cleaner dislike and slander him.

In AFAD noted that at the time of employment in the refugee camp, the suspect had no criminal record and problems with the law. Officials also believe that information about the crimes in the camp made public with distortions. And the fact of publication is ostensibly an attempt to discredit the government.

Currently in Turkey there are about 2.7 million refugees from Syria, where civil war continues, writes “Version”. Approximately 250 thousand people were accommodated in special tent camps, and the rest of the migrants live in urban environments.

In Turkey the janitor raped in the camp of Syrian refugees of 30 children, faces nearly 300 years in prison 13.05.2016

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