The Ukrainian Zhytomyr court passed a sentence on criminal case concerning the man, posing as a doctor. The attacker was giving patients psychotropic drugs, and then stole their property, down to the furniture. Apartment victims gamedic sold.

The court’s decision the con man in the white coat will be imprisoned for 14 years. His accomplice received seven years of imprisonment, write “Facts”.

In addition, convicted offenders sentenced to confiscation of property. They are also required to pay the nine victims compensation for material and moral damages in the amount of from ten to twenty thousand hryvnias each (about $ 400-800).

It is assumed that the convict Anatoly Revzina (names changed) were at least another three accomplices: the notary, who by false power of attorney, to register the sale of apartments, the physician providing lieurac his office in the hospital, and the pharmacist who supplied the psychotropic drugs. These people, however, the court is not established.

Both sides have challenged the verdict.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, the convict was acquainted with the victims in clinics and hospitals, posing as an anesthesiologist. He assured that he is able to heal even the most serious and neglected diseases with the help of miraculous drugs that are only tested and therefore not yet registered. Many came to trust the stranger who wore a white robe and sees patients in the office of the medical institution.

One of the victims was a woman-the seller Olga Nechaeva, which met livracha in a regional hospital. “It was presented as a professional anesthesiologist who is personally acquainted with the leading physicians of our country. The doctor scheduled an appointment the next day, told to come to the Department of neurosurgery,” says the victim.

Therefore, the attacker warned that he has a day off and he will come to the hospital solely for the sake of Olga. Examined at the appointed time the patient, a man said that on weekends, usually works part-time at Metropolitan private clinic. But can bring Olga the necessary preparations early on Saturday morning, straight home, before the trip to Kiev. “I was surprised by this concern about the unfamiliar to the patient, but I agreed,” said the victim.

“Doctor” arrived at the appointed time. He gave Olga three yellow tablets, which she washed down with water first, and then the turbid liquid that anesthesiologist was out from the special bag. “I explained that thanks to this drug pills better work, and said that he will sit with me for a bit while the drug will show itself”, – said Olga.

Time passed, and the drug had no effect. Then gamedic offered to do an injection and told the woman to lie down on the sofa. “After the injection I blacked out, – continues Olga Nechaeva. – Woke up in the hospital.”

It was later revealed that gamedic he called the ambulance, and then called a friend of Olga and said that while the woman is in the hospital, he will protect her apartment.

For three days the man together with his mistress-accomplice were taken from the apartment Olga sofa, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, two rugs, juicer, gold jewelry. They stole the documents – a copy of the technical passport and certificate of ownership of the apartment, the receipt on payment of utilities.

Woman rescued in the intensive care unit. Doctors several hours fighting for her life.

Olga Nechaeva was not the only victim. Then during searches of the suspect and found a lot of sofas, refrigerators and other things that he stole, but did not sell. Among the victims of limedika was even actual medical professionals.

“In 2013 I was diagnosed with a blood infection,” says 50-year-old nurse Oksana Matveeva. – From a friend that is a nurse (later it turned out that it’s accomplice lamedica. Approx.Purdue), I learned that in Zhitomir is an anesthesiologist who works miracles.

The doctor offered to bring him the test results so he could show leading experts in Kiev and consult. On Saturday, gamedic came to Oksana home and said brought “very good tablet”. He told the woman to take four pills and drink a mixture of liquid and some powder. Then, the attacker told the patient to lie down, reached into my bag for something, put it on the back of the woman and injected into the buttock.

“After that, I lost the ability to speak and move, although everyone saw and understood,” says Oksana. Right in front of her “doctor” nurse accomplice began to carry it away, the furniture and equipment.

“With me “the doctor” removed all the gold ornaments. In the cupboard found an expensive Swiss watch worth over 20 thousand euros, which gave me an Italian employer (I worked for many years in Italy),” – added Oksana.

Until the next day, the victim, in her words, “was like a zombie”. Who came to visit Oksana’s relatives found the door to her apartment unlocked. The hostess was lying on the floor, as the couch robbers also stole. Relatives called Oksana ambulance.

Eskulap was brutally beaten by teacher

Another victim of limedika was a 39-year-old teacher Lyudmila voytko. “The doctor gave me some injection,” she said. – I instantly was disturbed coordination of movements, language began to totter. I said I feel bad, do not want such treatment, and asked the doctor to leave. He pulled a spray… and sprayed me in the eyes. For a short time, I’ve gone blind.

Then the “medic” began to pour into the mouth of the victim liquid, on a smell similar to alcohol. Hands and feet the teacher tried to resist. Then leadactor brutally beat her with a bottle.

According to the conclusion it is judicial-medical examination, the victim received a “closed cherepno-a brain trauma, brain concussion, head wounds, bruises around the eye, broken rib.”

As the teacher continued to resist, the robber in the white coat took out a knife and threatened to kill the victim if she did not calm down. He pushed the woman into the bathroom and closed there, and he began to look for valuables in the apartment. In the end, the man stole money, jewelry, silverware, documents and even a set of cheap screwdrivers.

One of the victims Marina told the court that her mother came to the doctor with the nurse and put the sick woman dropper. “After these visits, the mother was not herself,” recalled Marina. Once it became so bad that I had to call an ambulance. The hospital ran tests and found in the blood of mothers of unknown psychotropic substances”.

And soon, Marina learned that her mother received the deed to the apartment to come to her doctor.

The taxi driver who repeatedly drove a “doctor” at work, also became his victim. Once the attacker asked the driver to visit. There he invited the master and his wife to try miracle drug “prevention”. After swallowing some pills and drinking them with some kind of liquid, the couple lost consciousness. The victims woke up in hospital. Doctors made the diagnosis: poisoning by an unknown substance.

“After a treatment has returned home, could not believe their eyes – the apartment was empty. The thief stole everything, even my Cologne and Slippers. But most of all we worried that the missing documents on an apartment and a cottage,” – said the taxi driver.

Unproven murder

42-year-old victim Elena Petrova’m sure gamedic responsible for the death of her relatives.

“My 70-year-old mother and 39-year-old brother was found dead in his apartment on 10 October 2012, – says Elena. – Simultaneous deaths of two people struck not only me, but also the neighbors.”

The coroner found that the victims had died from poisoning by an unknown substance.” Further investigation is stalled.

After the funeral it turned out that the apartment of the dead sold, and two weeks before their death. This deal concluded the guardian of the dead, who was convicted Anatoly Revzin. About it, Helen heard for the first time.

According to Elena, the mother even before his death made a major overhaul: perekleit Wallpaper, changed the Windows and doors. “I think this has advised to Anatoly Revzin,” says the victim.

In mid-October 2013, the suspect in these crimes were detained. During a search in a suburban house Revzina was discovered a significant number of items stolen, including passports and power of attorney to more than ten other people’s apartments. The owners of some of them was already dead, and apartments for resold several times. In the country also discovered pneumatic and traumatic weapons.

“The medicines which the defendant gave to the victims, not found,” – said the Prosecutor Valery Sagadin.

In a regional hospital from Revzina disown, saying that a doctor they have never practiced.

He 49-year-old Anatoly Revzin said in court that “no one is healed, all is speculation and imagination, wishful thinking interested parties.”

However, Zhytomyr district court found Revzina guilty under articles “Robbery”, “Illegal handling of weapons,” “theft of documents”. But to catch lamedica in the killings and failed.

In Ukraine, gamedic which poisoned patients for the sake of robbery and the sale of their homes, got 14 years in prison 30.09.2016

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