In the capital of the Republic of Buryatia the city of Ulan-Ude in Russian State drama theatre.N..Bestuzhev was an unusual premiere of “make room for tomorrow.”

The play is based on the play by American writer, playwright and screenwriter Guilt Delmar was delivered already-established creative Duo – Lithuanian film Tadas Montrimas and artist Christine the Wojciechowska, who in may of this year showed a sensational performance of “Drunk” on the play by Ivan Vyrypaev.

The singularity of the current production was that the actors were divided into two groups: those who were on the scene, according to the Director, portrayed the action with facial expressions and gestures without saying a word, and those who were sitting in a makeshift orchestra pit, and voiced what was happening on stage.

The voice acting was subjected to everything from creaking doors, sound expensive shiny shoes, breathing, until voices of characters and songs. The orchestra involved in the production, played not only by the usual musical instruments, but it is not designed for music items – the basin, scores fan, playing cards, aerosol cans, mugs and more.

According to Tadas Montrimas this form was chosen to “share a very strong emotional component to this sad pieces and information: to show people that it seems good and bright, smile, and say terrible things. To share what we hear and what we see. This discrepancy for the viewer becomes like an exercise in the ability to distinguish real from hypocrisy, to understand what hides behind the words”.

The audience enthusiastically received the performance, noting that the Director has created the “anti-manifest callousness and hypocrisy” about when with a fake smile going evil, at some universal lazy consent. “When it’s cropped and is only information about the actions and gestures, not vicedep and a small tear. Art – only then, when I have something in mind and I can’t shut up, and I have to say it’s exactly like that!”, – wrote in the opinion, the artistic Director of the Buryat Philharmonic Natalia Ulanova.

The Minister of culture of Buryatia Timur Tsybikov, attended the performance, noted that “the reception, selected by the Director, it would seem well-known, but for our city it’s a new format, you are constantly in the process, when you look at it, you need to focus on the work of artists and in the orchestra pit and on stage. And the play dramatic for such submission chosen”.

Play “Give place to tomorrow,” based on the eponymous play by playwright and screenwriter Guilt Delmar. In the story of an elderly couple Barkley and Lucy Cooper – have lived together for 50 years and raised five children. However, due to circumstances, elderly parents are left without their home. Adult children go to various tricks, trying to solve a painful problem for them.

Before the premiere the Director Tadas Montrimas, commenting on the choice of this song, said that he understands – “in one day may also become necessary to nobody, it’s scary when your experience, your opinion has no interest”.

“In this play a sense of inevitability of the conflict of generations. And the losing side will always be old age. The problem we have, is strong, to understand that our parents are weak, they leave, and we must try to hold them adequately,” said the Director.

In Ulan-Ude hosted the premiere of “get up tomorrow,” directed by Tadas Montrimas: by the performers didn’t say a word 29.11.2016

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