In the Buryat capital looking for an unknown assailant who raped two women climbing into their apartment through a window and threatening with a knife or sharpening. The investigative Committee circulated a composite sketch of the suspect.

In one case, an injured 19-year-old girl who lives in the apartment, located in the basement of the house in the Zheleznodorozhny district of Ulan-Ude. The boyfriend of the owner of the apartment went on a business trip, and on the night of Saturday, October 15, she was one. An unknown man kicked in the glass window of the room, got inside and attacked the victim. The girl started screaming, then the offender had threatened her with death, threw her into the bathroom and turned the water on to muffle the screams.

“She was left alone in the time of the attack did not sleep, looked at my phone video. An attacker in the street kicked the glass in the window, got inside and attacked her. The girl screamed, and he threatened her with violence. Threatened that has a knife or Shiv and he will take it” – said senior assistant SU TFR in Buryatia Dmitry Stolyarov.

While the intruder raped housewife, the bathroom door slammed shut. Rapist to leave the flat, I had to knock them out with the box.

According to “Baikal Daily”, on the same day, an unknown attacker another woman living in the area of Milling. He acted the same way – broke the window and climbed into the house to the woman. In this case, according to the newspaper, the victim did not write the application and a criminal case had been initiated.

“The investigation has a fairly detailed description of the suspect men, according to the victim girl by his hand-drawn portrait. Also in the course of procedural events were found clues and evidence that will help to trace the attacker. After the arrest will be checked by the involvement of the suspect to other similar sexual offences”, – said the Investigative Committee.

In Ulan-Ude looking for the rapist, fit women in the window 17.10.2016

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