Investigators Ulyanovsk region opened a criminal case on the fact of double murder. According to preliminary reports, a former police officer opened fire with a shotgun, causing injuries to two women and a man.

The crime was committed in one of the houses on the 2nd alley street in the Leninsky district of Ulyanovsk on 17 November, when Russia celebrates the Day of the precinct. Currently, the alleged killer arrested. The issue of presentation of the charges against him and the election concerning it a preventive measure, according to the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

According to investigators, on November 17, the suspect, being in the house N41 on the 2nd alley street, opened fire from smooth-bore hunting rifles. In the end, injuring his 46-year-old friend (the landlady) Valentina, a 26-year-old daughter Valentina and her 30-year-old husband.

“From the injuries both women died at the scene and the third victim was able to leave the room and survived,” – said in a press release.

In hot pursuit managed to detain the 68-year-old man suspected of shooting and killing.

As explained by friends killed, daughter Valentina and her husband raised a young child. Roommate said Maisa viktorovny, the house of Valentina abused alcohol. “This family did not communicate much. We know only that they are drinkers. To them, a lot of people walked, they walked there. The man who killed them, kind of like an ex-COP, was fond of hunting. So probably free with a hunting rifle went”, – said the neighbor.

According to another local resident, Valentina often took money in debt, writes “Maybe for the debts of the killed, God knows. Though… who will give her a lot. God forbid, ten asked. Cruel…” – says neighbor Nicholas.

Someone of the witnesses suggested that the dead and the killer celebrated all night the Day the precinct, and by morning the companions quarreled.

A criminal case was opened under paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder of two and more persons”), which provides for life term of imprisonment.

In Ulyanovsk “ex-COP” shot a Day of precinct two women and a man 17.11.2016

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