Police Omsk region called false media reports about a mass brawl in the dining room with several dozen guards.

By results of check it is established that “information published in mass media information is not found objective evidence and are unreliable,” according to the official site of regional UMVD.

While the Ministry confirmed that the basis for the emergence of rumors about the fight the police began the celebration, which was attended by several observers of the law.

“It is established that on 15 October 2016 in the dining room, located in the village Kulikovo of Kalachinsk district of the Omsk region, the former police together with the relatives and friends celebrated his retirement,” – said in a press release.

The event was attended by about 20 people, three of whom were current employees OMVD Russia Kalachinsk district.

“A survey of all present at the event, citizens and administration of the dining room showed that there are no conflicts or fights between the present happening, the furniture is not damaged, the dress patrulno-sentry duty to place did not go”, – stressed in the Ministry of internal Affairs.

However, in the period from 22 to 24 October, the media has published information that allegedly a Banquet ended in a fight. It was also alleged that on the occasion in the dining room was attended by about 60 guards.

At some point, the policemen quarreled and started to beat each other. They have also caused much damage to the dining room, interrupting it the dishes and breaking furniture, according to the press reports.

It was argued that the emergency police called their colleagues who were on duty. Together with the PPP allegedly came and head of Kalachinsk police Department Michael Suitcases.

“Still it is not known why there was a conflict, because the information about the incident is carefully hidden, although it openly say all the locals,” wrote regional news.

That fight also confirmed the senior assistant administrator of regional investigatory management SK of Russia Larisa Boldinova. However, she noted that in the media the scale of the fighting greatly exaggerated. “It has been established that in the dining room, where he retired one of the employees of the interior Ministry, was attended by 20 people, not 60, as reported by the media, and only five of them police,” she said.

After publications on the fight, on behalf of the acting chief of UMVD of Russia across the Omsk region, Colonel of justice Lyubov Aksenova was conducted preliminary examination.

In UMVD across the Omsk region has denied the information about mass fight security forces in the dining room 25.10.2016

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