In the U.S. state of Idaho man found the mammoth Tusk in a gravel pit. He arrived there on the excavator to extract gravel for its construction, according to

Casey Keller said that initially adopted the object just over a meter long petrified wood or the old pipe. But the scientists found that the mammoth Columbus. He lived about 12 to 15 thousand years ago. This is a very rare find.

Columbus mammoth is an extinct species of North American mammoths. Was one of the largest representatives of the family of elephant that has ever existed. Height at withers in adult males reached four meters, and their weight was about 10 tons. This species was a close relative of the woolly mammoth.

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Tusks and bones of mammoths scientists find around the world. The most famous mammoth whose carcass was discovered, is a mammoth Lyuba from Russia.

In may 2013, Russian researchers in the Yakut island of Small Lyakhovsky Novosibirsk archipelago discovered the remains of a mammoth in the interior of which contained liquid blood. The uniqueness of the findings is that for the first time in 112 years the carcass of a prehistoric animal in such a good state of preservation. Preserved muscle tissue, and liquid blood is very dark color was in the icy voids below the belly of the animal.

In USA, the man found a mammoth Tusk in a gravel pit 09.08.2016

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