In Tamanskom district of Djizak region of Uzbekistan, the law enforcement officials detained school teacher suspected of pedophilia. According to preliminary data, the physical education teacher is raped in the gym two Schoolgirls of the first class. It divides the girls under the pretext that you need to test for helminthiasis.

In sophisticated and cynical is suspected of raping 22-year-old physical education teacher secondary school N50’s city Dashtobod, reports radio “Ozodlik” (radio “Freedom”) with reference to a source in Tamanskom area.

According to a source, 15 October at about 12:00 the physical education teacher fraudulently brought two students of the first classes in the gym. He told the girls: “I should test you, because you have worms”.

Teacher section the girls and then raped in the perverted form. Arriving home, Schoolgirls with tears in his eyes told me about what happened to their mothers, the source said.

Another source in law enforcement bodies of Jizzakh region confirmed the arrest of the school teacher on suspicion of rape of female students of Junior classes under the pretext of searching for worms.

“This teacher has been taken into custody. Now he is in the remand prison of the internal Affairs bodies Sumanskogo district,” he added.

The teacher is facing a charge under article 119 (“Violent satisfaction of sexual needs in unnatural form”) of the criminal code of Uzbekistan. An aggravating circumstance is that the victims known to the suspect has not reached 14 years of age. Teachers can be sentenced to 15-20 years in prison.

Head of the Department of education Sumanskogo district Ganisher Sherbakov in a telephone conversation with reporters first tried to hide the rape of children in the school N50. However, after his companion had a name and the name of the suspect teacher, Sherbakov stated that the case involved law enforcement officers.

“It’s still not confirmed, the girls continue to attend school. Else ask in the internal Affairs bodies”, – said Ganisher Sherbakov.

According to him, the arrested PE teacher got a job at the school after graduating from the College of Olympic reserve in Tashkent.

Recently in Uzbekistan, the cases of sexual violence against girls. So, missing on 19 may this year in the center of Bakhmal district of Djizak region the schoolgirl of the second class two days later was found dead. According to sources, the criminal had raped nine-year-old girl and then murder dumped her body in a ravine.

On July 27 of this year in Samarkand 63-year-old farmer, suspected of raping a 17-year-old girl, was betrayed to the disgrace of the villagers. Four days later, the victim hanged himself.

And in August the press reported that in Sumadijska district of Karakalpakstan policeman raped the girl, who then tried to commit suicide by drinking vinegar. However, the doctors managed to save her life.

In Uzbekistan, the PE teacher raped first-graders under the pretext of searching for worms 21.10.2015

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