Police Velikie Luki Pskov region ascertains the circumstances of the fire that occurred in one of apartments on the grounds of hooliganism. The tenants were thrown from the balcony of the Molotov cocktails, trying to set fire to parked cars, reports iLuki. While the guards assessed the situation and tried to minimize the damage in a “shootout” with the attackers entered the indignant passers-by: they were throwing snowballs at the bullies. In the Internet appeared the video of this confrontation.

The incident occurred on 1 December in the evening. At 16:05 in the emergency services received a report of smoke in an apartment house N3 on the street Zvereva. There were 75-year-old woman and her two sons. The last time the family existed in extreme poverty, and were fed by compassionate neighbors.

Arrived on the scene, emergency workers and the police found out that the sons of the pensioner barricaded himself in his apartment on the second floor of the house and began to throw from the balcony and Windows items, as well as “Molotov cocktails.”

The result was a broken the windshield of a police car and there was a fire in the apartment. In addition, was damaged two cars, reports “Interfax” with reference to press-service of regional management SK the Russian Federation.

“The gas supply to the house was temporarily stopped the emergency service, he was also completely de-energized. From an entrance evacuated 15 people,” writes iLuki.

Gathered under the Windows of police and emergency workers tried not to admit to the scene of onlookers.

According to the published video, the attackers, throwing bottles of flammable liquid and a lighted wick, was aiming at civilian vehicles that were parked beneath the Windows. The witnesses extinguished the fire using fire extinguishers and improvised, and also tried to get in a fight with a bully, standing on the balcony. It flew the snowballs, but an aggressive man is not stopped, and he continued to throw “Molotov cocktails”.


Even in the apartment when the intruders started a fire, they resisted and would not let firefighters inside. Residents set fire to the apartment in time to prepare for such developments and put on gas masks.

Around 18:00 the hooligans still managed to detain the police. Under escort they were given to the employees of ambulance. However, after some time one of the men died. It is assumed that it could be poisoned with burning products, says 360.

Meanwhile, in the RF IC reported that one of the brothers born in 1968 was found dead at the scene. And the diagnosis “poisoning with burning products” doctors put the second suspect after his inspection.

The whereabouts of the mother of the brothers. However, the rubble in the apartment is not over. Burned two rooms, also in the neighboring apartment fire
damaged sheathing balcony.

According to neighbors, about a year ago the inhabitants of the ill-fated apartment stopped leaving the house. Locals out of pity gave them food through the balcony, from which men were lowering a bag. While residents can’t stand waste and the room was jammed with debris.

According to firefighters who worked at the emergency, the apartment is filled with trash almost to the ceiling.

In social media sources allegedly familiar with the situation claim that the tenants of the burnt apartments had serious problems with loans, as well as a large communal debt. In the end, even raised the issue of their eviction.

In Velikie Luki the impoverished tenants were thrown from the balcony of “Molotov cocktails”, and outraged citizens pelted them with snowballs (VIDEO) 02.12.2016

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