The crowds who gathered in Ho Chi Minh city, the largest city of Vietnam, on the premiere of the film “Kong: skull island”, in a panic fled after the huge model of the famous gorilla caught fire.

The cause of the fire were sparks and flames from an artificial volcano that was constructed near the shopping center as part of the entertainment program. Five-meter monkey, touting the restart of the franchise, burned down in just five minutes, reports the News.Sky.

Reportedly, at first the audience awaiting the premiere, found the flame spread part of the show. When it became clear that it is a real fire, people rushed to escape. The incident occurred about 19 hours on Thursday, 9 March. On stage in front of a cinema at this time, the dancers danced around a small fire.

Firefighters took about 15 minutes to cope with the fire. After that, the guests of the premiere to finally watch a movie. The show was attended by American diplomats and Vietnamese officials. Their interest in the film with Tom Hiddleston, brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson in the lead roles was caused by the fact that the shooting took place in Hanoi and in remote areas of Vietnam.

In Vietnam at the premiere of “Kong: skull island” accidentally burned a giant APE (VIDEO) 10.03.2017

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