Investigators of the Vladimir region completed the preliminary investigation in the criminal case against 53-year-old engineer from the city of Kovrov. He is accused of the double murder of his relatives, and also pet. The man was unhappy that the family did not share his principles of life and enjoying his existence.

At present criminal case with the approved indictment was sent to the Vladimir regional court for consideration in essence, informs the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

According to investigators, the accused and the victim had been married for 30 years. The couple had two children, the eldest is 29-year-old daughter lived separately from their parents in another region. Since 2010, the family started the disorder. Husband of two years went to work in another area and after returning with his wife, son and his mother settled in an apartment in Kovrov. In 2014, constant family quarrels led to the fact that the couple decided to divorce. However, after the divorce they continued to live together and started the trial on the division of property.

Conflicts between the suspect and his ex-wife “on the basis of the divergent views on the education of the son, and by the boy in his “slacking” way of life”, noted in the Department of the RF IC. According to defendant, he “was able to instill in my wife the right views and values, and loss of control over the upbringing of his son, believed that he had lost the sense of his life.”

In particular, the reason for the quarrel was culinary preferences. The head of the family claimed that the child must eat soup, and reproached his wife in that she does not cook. The man also didn’t like that his son spends time at a computer. Resentment grew despite the fact that the boy grew up obedient and industrious, studied at five. However, the father believed that his son should “stand at attention” before him and not have any relief. To better control the student, the family tyrant even equipped his room with cameras, reported the website “Zebra TV”.

“If dad claimed that his son needs to be fed soup, and a mom who didn’t have time to cook the soup, gave money on a cake on candy – this caused father’s anger, – commented on the situation in the family of Irina Minina, the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management. – To characterize his behavior as one expression: the space that he wanted to own, out from under his control. That is, apparently, prevented him to live. His brain, his condition.”

4 September 2016 the man moved his mother into a new apartment. He also resigned from the company where he worked as an engineer, and distributed to customers debts – computers, video cameras, TVs that he repaired in the home.

On the morning of 6 September 2016 was held the final hearing on the division of property. Woman, as usual, cooked in the kitchen son Breakfast before school.

At this point, the defendant “saw his wife in a good mood and said that the room is “a mess”, son of “basking” in bed, but does not make mandatory, in his opinion, morning exercises, and the apartment goes a contented cat”.

Small joys and weak ones caused the head of the family a fit of anger. With a sense of impending doom, the accused grabbed a leg from the stool and attacked the kitchen from the back of 53-year-old wife. The man beat her, striking a leg on the head, and then finished off the multiple blows of a knife. The woman’s cries for help from the room ran out 14-year-old son, who is accused also stabbed.

“Having finished with the ex-wife, the man walked into the room, where a wounded son, and committed the murder of the child”, – added in management of the RF IC. The latest victim of the killer became a house cat, irritating him his “happy view”. The animal gave his wife without the consent of the accused, and the requests to remove the pet from the apartment went unanswered.

After the brutal massacre of the household of the man called the police and reported the incident, according to “TRK “Gubernia-33″. The suspect was charged with paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder of two persons”). It is threatened by punishment in the form of life term of imprisonment. Advocate a Spartan lifestyle he was detained.

The investigation was conducted over 10 different examinations, including comprehensive inpatient forensic psychiatric examination of the health of the accused. Specialists of the State scientific center of social and forensic psychiatry named after VP Serbian “expressed a definite opinion about the sanity of men in the time of the Commission of a particularly serious crime.” The experts noted the individual-psychological features of his personality, expressed in “isolation, emotional coldness, increased demands to others, prolongiruetsa depressive reaction”.

During the investigation the accused admitted guilt of the alleged act, but expressed no remorse. He believes he did the right thing, because “ex-wife and minor son did not match his life principles and views.”

Note that friends described the defendant as a caring and hardworking man.

In Vladimir judge “idea” man who killed wife, son, and cat that “lived in pleasure” 22.08.2017

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