The specialists of Primorye caught near the Bay Shamora the tiger, which more than a day walking around the city, said on the website of the center “Amur tiger”. The predator was caught without causing injuries to him.

At the moment it is delivered to the Center of rehabilitation and reintroduction of tigers and other rare animals (proo “Center TIGER”) in the village of Alekseevka. “Tiger chubby, healthy. Obviously recently someone ate a cat or a dog. Now feels well,” – said the Deputy Director of Department of hunting supervision of Primorsky territory Alexei Stern.

Experts said that the predator is a young male Amur tiger at the age of about two years. The approximate weight of 120 kg. If during the examination a tiger does not reveal abnormalities, the beast will be ready for rehabilitation and release into the wild.

“This is a tiger weighing about 120 kg, its approximate age is 1-1. 5 years. It is not clear why the tiger came out. It remains to be seen specialists. Our center takes care of all financial matters ensuring the tiger out of the will,” – said the Director of the far Eastern branch of the center “Amur tiger” Sergei Aramilev.

District, where he was spotted by a predator, adjacent to suburban forests, there is some “sleeping” districts of the seaside capital and large enterprises. It is in this area in 1986 was discovered traces of the tiger right on the bus stop, notes TASS.

As reported by the Amur branch of the Russian branch of the world wildlife Fund (WWF), the reason for the movement of a tiger within the city limits is established. As explained by the head of branch for preservation of rare species of animals Pavel Fomenko, many adult males are looking for a new habitat.

“We are working on all versions, including the version of the “home” of a tiger. If the tiger is wild, it is likely he could move from South-West of Primorye, where the tiger population is quite high and, according to the latest census, is 30-32 predator. Young animals, especially males, expelled adults, because they are territorial mammals and defending its territory”, – he told.

October 5, this year it was reported about the appearance of a tiger in the city Artyom – the companion of Vladivostok, located 40 km from the capital of Primorye. There camera car recorder recorded running across the road a large predator. However, neither him nor his tracks never found.

It is noteworthy that a similar situation exists now in the Khabarovsk territory. In the area of the village of Saline for about a month, an ad hoc Committee of the hunting economy in the region keeps track of the tiger, which visited the village. Periodically the beast see, but catch it while you can not.

In Vladivostok have caught strolling around the city tiger 20.10.2016

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