In Vladivostok, the police and wildlife inspectors in the morning of 19 October are searching for the Amur tiger, which was reported to the police citizens. During the day the search was not successful and decided to continue the night, reports the portal

Early Wednesday morning a local resident informed the police that he saw the striped predator on the street Veselkovi in the area Rudanskogo bridge. Then called another person who said that the tiger was moving near the bypass road of Borodino and the Irtysh, reported on the website of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs.

Police urged citizens to exercise caution and immediately report to the police in case of detection of a dangerous predator.

According to the data of VL.EN, witness the emergence of a tiger on the street Veselkovi about five in the morning local time, was the driver. According to him, the beast ran out of the forest and ran across the roadway in front of the car and disappeared in the area of the private sector.

Another citizen told reporters that around six in the morning personally seen on the street of Borodino in the area the incinerator is quite large and well-fed beast, who calmly walked along the fence and disappeared from view at one of the adjacent roads.

However, for the entire day failed to find even traces of tiger, which, however, is explained by natural factors – dirt and autumn leaves. The search also involved kvartaler, but in vain.

In the end, the specialists decided to continue searching for the animal after dark with thermal imaging cameras. The tiger is a nocturnal predator and in the dark shows greater activity than during the day. In addition, according to experts, in the dark wild animal is easy to detect using powerful lights: when the tiger looks at the light, his eyes glow bright green lights.

If the experts will be able to find the tiger, it will hold sedated and transported on special equipment in the rehabilitation centre located in Alekseevka village, Nadezhdinsky district of Primorye, where animals do veterinarians, said the Deputy of the Department for protection, control and regulation of use of objects of fauna Alexey Harsh.

District, where he was spotted by a predator, adjacent to suburban forests, there is some “sleeping” districts of the seaside capital and large enterprises. It is in this area in 1986 was discovered traces of the tiger right on the bus stop, notes TASS.

October 5, this year it was reported about the appearance of a tiger in the city Artyom – the companion of Vladivostok, located 40 km from the capital of Primorye. There camera car recorder recorded running across the road a large predator. However, neither him nor his tracks never found.

Program coordinator of the Amur branch of the Russian branch of the world wildlife Fund (WWF) Pavel Fomenko suggested that this animal now had wandered in Vladivostok, “lost” in the surrounding forest areas. Did not rule out such a possibility and Severe.

In Vladivostok looking for a well-fed tiger roaming the town 19.10.2016

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