The investigating bodies of Vladivostok opened a criminal case on the fact of falsifications on elections of deputies to the Legislative Assembly on 18 September, which was uncovered by local journalists. Despite the fact that the complaint was received on the acting Deputy of the Duma of Vladivostok Zinaida Kim, investigators have not yet determined the terms of the defendants, reports citing sources close to the investigation.

According to him, the case under article 142, part 1 of “Falsification of election documents, referendum documents” was filed back in September. In this article, the guilty can be punished with a fine in the amount from 100 to 300 thousand roubles, compulsory works for a term up to four years or imprisonment for the same term.

As explained sources of the portal, while in fact there is no one person involved since it was initiated on the fact of violations. Now law enforcement agencies conduct interviews of witnesses and participants.

Recall that in September, the journalists managed to uncover the scheme of violations and removing the events on video. Citizens were asked to vote twice – for his and others ‘ absentee ballots. Then the MP Zinaida Kim was also accused of bribing voters.

Journalists infiltrated the group of “volunteers” that the Deputy personally gave out fraudulent absentee ballots, along with detailed instructions, how they should vote, and handed out rewards in the amount of 500 rubles per vote. After receiving the money, the reporters revealed their identities and were going to contact the police.

Kim under different pretexts started to ask journalists to let go with impunity. “The police, of course, is not necessary to call. I’ll pay even more. I understand – everyone now does the same as can do. Now disappoint the boys, the athletes. It’s legally taken absentee ballots. You patriots of Primorye? You were hired Kuznetsova Olga? I therefore trust and work. Well excuse me once? What are you doing this?” – admonished the Deputy of the intruder.

Kim then began to take their colleagues involved in the delivery of dummy voters. “Voynovskaya is doing constantly and generally houses carries, Sopchuk carries. The Communists carry in the school at Tolstoy”, – said the Deputy. While Kim insisted that she carry does, because she “honestly vote military unit”.

In Vladivostok opened a criminal case on the fact of falsifications on elections 26.10.2016

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