Walking to Vladivostok Amur tiger, which Wednesday looking for the police and wildlife inspectors after reports from several witnesses about the meeting with him, he hit the lens of the DVR. It is reported Vl.ruaccompanying the note video.

From a recording made on 19 October at 15:50 local time, it follows that the predator ran across the road in the area Veselkovi street, about a kilometer from turning into a residential neighborhood Snow Pad.

On video it is visible as a dark shadow of a large animal in a few jumps overcomes four lanes carriageway, running just a few metres from the moving car. Clearly see the beast on the record impossible. The animal quickly disappeared into the woods.

Earlier, witnesses said that early Wednesday saw a tiger in a residential neighborhood Snow Pad. At 05:10 notice how the predator Veselkova crosses a street near Rudnevsky bridge. At 06:10 beast, according to local residents, walked along the fence near the incinerator on the street of Borodino.

In a press-service UMVD across Primorski Krai “Interfax” on Thursday said that the search for a tiger in the precincts of Vladivostok continues. “While the predator was not found. The police will continue its search. New reports of meeting with a tiger for a day didn’t arrive”, – have noted in police. Predator listed in the Red book, continues to look for a group of specialists of Primorsky province hunting Department.

“No traces of the tiger the day has not been found, experts have been looking for all night using lights and cameras. New reliable information from witnesses has not received neither the police nor our channels,” – said RIA “Novosti” Director of the far Eastern branch of the center “Amur tiger” Sergei Aramilev. According to him, “there is a lot of fake information” – it is reported that a tiger was seen near kindergarten, near city center, post a photo with a predator. “But once the police are talking to the authors of these messages, they immediately abandon their words,” – said Aramilev.

However, for example in a video posted on 18 October, on the page “PrimaMedia TV” on YouTube, a tiger can be seen very well, although shooting is done in the twilight. To record a female voice says that just called to kindergarten N30 and reported that in the city center, on the hill Refrigerator goes tiger. “This is not a joke. Warn your children, call or write an SMS to the changes outside did not leave. Initially he was walking on the Second River, now left here with us at BAM,” says the voice.

The police and a group of Primorsky province hunting Department went to the scene of the alleged discovery of a predator immediately after receiving the information. However, due to the dirt and autumn leaves the footprints of a wild animal is not found. Now experts are searching the area with the help of the drone. In case of catching a tiger was placed in a rehabilitation center to find out what caused the predator to go into the city.

As reported by the Amur branch of the Russian branch of the world wildlife Fund (WWF), the reason for the movement of a tiger within the city limits is established. As explained by the head of branch for preservation of rare species of animals Pavel Fomenko, many adult males are looking for a new habitat. “But we are working on all versions, including the version of the “home” of a tiger. If the tiger is wild, it is likely he could move from the South-West of Primorye, where the tiger population is quite high and, according to the latest census, is 30-32 predator. Young animals, especially males, expelled adults, because they are territorial mammals and defending its territory”, – he told.

According to environmentalists, a direct threat to the people the tiger is not. At the same time, they warn that care should be taken and the meeting with the beast to report to law enforcement agencies. Pavel Fomenko emphasized that the most important thing when meeting with a predator is not to run, adding that the tiger is now in a completely stressful situation. If it did not provoke the attack, there is a high probability that the animal will go quietly and find their place in the wild, experts believe.

Ecologists do not exclude that this could be the tiger, which was seen in the area, stop Berzarina in Artyom – the companion of Vladivostok, located 38 km from the capital of Primorye. There camera car recorder recorded running across the road a large predator. However, neither him nor his tracks never found.

As reported, in early October, the Amur tiger crosses
the road seen in the private sector Artem. Then the predator also got into the lens DVR car, and then never saw him again.

It is noteworthy that a similar situation exists now in the Khabarovsk territory. In the area of the village of Saline for about a month, an ad hoc Committee of the hunting economy in the Khabarovsk Krai tracks of a tiger who comes to the village. Periodically the beast see, but catch it while you can not.

In Vladivostok the tiger, hunted by the police, captured on DVR 20.10.2016

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