On Monday, the Volgograd regional court has sentenced 36-year-old Denis Zubov, who was found guilty in the murder of three people. One victim, an elderly woman – the offender cut off the chest and killed rival in love – the genitals.

Convicted Denis Zubov will spend behind bars for 21 years. To serve his sentence he will be in the correctional colony of strict regime. In addition, the court Zubov has appointed additional punishment in the form of restriction of freedom for two years, reports the official website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

It is established that in early September 2013 on Udmurtskaya street in Krasnoarmeysk district of Volgograd Denis Teeth, jealous of his wife, attacked her friend. Teeth suspected that the victim engage in sexual intimacy with his beloved.

The attacker struck the young man stabbed and beat his head on the pavement and cut the victim’s genitals. From the received traumas the man died on the spot.

Hiding from the police, the Teeth after a few days was near SNT Raygorod Svetloyarskiy district, Volgograd region. When I stop the lonely pensioner, the man decided it to Rob. The attacker followed the old woman to her suburban area, and then beat her adjustable wrench. The attacker then cut off dachnitsa chest, as well as kidnapped was found in the pockets of the victim 1,800 rubles, writes “Dezinformare”.

In July 2014 in the forest behind the village Zenzevatka Olkhovsky district Denis Zubov killed his ex-girlfriend for refusing to continue a relationship with him. A man strangled her, and hid the corpse in the forest. Only after that serial killer was arrested.

According to press reports, initially investigators did not know that the Teeth involved in several serious crimes. It turned out only after DNA samples taken from a suspect in the murder of a girl, coincided with the genetic data, discovered on the site of discovery of mutilated bodies in 2013.

The criminal case was considered with participation of jurors, a verdict which unanimously found guilty of Teeth. The defendant completely denied the fault. He was incriminated the item “and, z” item 105 (“Murder of two and more persons, including interfaced to robbery”), item “C” of part 4 of article 162 (“the Robbery made with causing of heavy harm to health of the victim”).

In Volgograd convicted serial killer who cut off the pensioner Breasts and a male sex organs 27.03.2017

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