Law enforcement officers of the Volgograd region detained a suspect in the murder of the girl that is paired with sexual violence. The body of the deceased was discovered in a dumpster.

The detainee has confessed to the murder of his teenage neighbor. According to preliminary data, in the time of the crime he was in alcohol and drugs. “Investigators are preparing to court the petition for election concerning the detainee of a measure of restraint in form of detention”, – reports the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

Meanwhile, the source TASS in the investigative agencies said that a suspect in a criminal case is 31-year-old Dmitry Zaichenko. The man was arrested in his apartment in the South of Volgograd.

“He confessed that first raped the girl and then strangled,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the apartment Zaichenko discovered evidence conclusively indicates that he committed this crime.

Three years ago Zaichenko was released from prison where he was serving a sentence for drug possession.

The corpse of the schoolgirl 9-go A class of school N12 Kati K. was discovered October 3 early in the morning in a garbage can, standing between the houses N10 and N12 on Brestskaya ulitsa in Volgograd. The girl was found dressed, but her feet ankle killer tied torn off from the bag handles made of polypropylene.

It was also reported that the body had traces of rape in a perverted form.

The corpse was found by one of the tenants of the neighboring house, which was taking out the trash and saw the container of women’s hair, which at first took for a wig. Some time later, the man returned to dispel his doubts. Looking more closely and found the corpse in a dumpster, the tenant went to the police.

Lost 15-the summer schoolgirl was top of my class and was brought up in a happy family.

It is known that the girl left the house around 12:00 on 2 October, leaving the station of young naturalists of Krasnoarmeisky district, where they engaged in a group in chemistry. The station building is a 15-minute walk from her home. The girl made it safely to their destination, and after class, which ended at around 14:00, she accompanied two friends. The girls parted near the place of residence of Katie, but home she came.

Experts came to the conclusion that the death of the victim occurred in the period from 21:00 to 24:00. We can assume that the girl more than seven hours was held captive by the rapist.

Katie’s mother turned to law enforcement at 21:30.

In a murder investigation involving the best investigators in the region. In search activities were involved about 300 police officers.

Initiated a criminal case under article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder”).

“After analyzing all collected on the case evidence, the investigators came to the conclusion that the murder was committed in a residential area, located in close proximity to the place of residence of the victim, most likely in the apartment with her own entrance, – have informed in management of the RF IC. – It was decided to immediately and bypass the examination of all without exception of the apartment house in which lived the schoolgirl”.

5 Oct murder suspect was arrested. Earlier the man was repeatedly convicted for drug trafficking, robbery and theft.

Dmitry Zaichenko was released from prison in 2013, and then was interrupted by casual earnings. At the time of the offence he was working in one of the Volgograd firms as a laborer, but the day of the murder Schoolgirls are not returned to work, he said the patient.

Parents of Dmitry on this day the apartment was not the father – watchman took over daily duty, and a mother who is a Manager, a taxi, was also at work, writes

It is established that on 2 October 2016 Dimitri had consumed alcohol and synthetic drugs. Out on the balcony, he saw the right to the entrance of the girl, then met her in the stairwell, and fraudulently lured to his apartment – the attacker asked the girl to help him on the farm.

As soon as the girl went to the neighbor’s apartment, he immediately closed the door, thus breaking the lock, so that the victim could not escape. Then a neighbor molested a schoolgirl in a perverted form, but for physical reasons could not follow through. At this time he returned from work, his mother, and the offender strangled the girl shoved into her mouth made of own Mikey gag and hid the victim’s body under the sofa.

The woman threw him a scandal about his drug addiction, however, that after the rape killed girl next door, she at the time did not even know – a man she wasn’t allowed. Night when mother was asleep, he pulled strangled the girl from the apartment and dumped her body in the trash, set in the courtyard of his house.

A large part of the evidence, the suspect managed to destroy, however he was not able to get rid of bags girls, cut off handles from which he had bound her legs. The bag was discovered in the man’s apartment during the search.

In Volgograd detained a drug addict, a suspect in the rape and murder of schoolgirl neighbor 05.10.2016

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