In Volgograd, the Soviet area, the entrance of the four houses completely destroyed by a gas explosion. In the result of incident two persons were lost, informs “Interfax”.

Agency “Volga-Media” informs with reference to the testimony of witnesses in the media that the incident occurred in the house N64 on University Avenue 120 metres from the stop around 13:06.

On the website of the Ministry of emergency situations specified that the emergency services received information about the incident at 13:06. In a press-service of regional administration said that the call came at 13:09 Moscow time, and the first medical team arrived on the scene at 13:16.

The website in an online broadcast from the scene reports that 14 hours the number taken to the clinical hospital N7 wounded reached seven people. Among them, according to the website, there are victims with severe injuries and traumas.

Six sent in 7-th clinical hospital of the seventh – excavator, who work near the blown-up house, with burns taken to the 25-th clinical hospital of ambulance.

The sources of the Agency TASS in the MOE reported about eight victims and two victims later , RIA “Novosti” citing a source in the emergency services of the region reported about three victims. In the message of the Investigative Committee of the criminal code referred only to two of the victims – a man and a woman, whose identities are established.

Volgograd website indicates that the house located by the letter G, destroyed not one, but three entrances, including the first and second floors of the corner entrance.

The owner of three shops in a blown-up house of Vlad Karapetyan at the moment of explosion was on the street. According to him, all buyers and sellers had time to leave the outlets. He left the store and brought to a safe place remaining in a nearby parked car three year old boy.

Relatives of the victims complained to reporters that they were not allowed to home and they had to break through a cordon, in particular one resident at home in the apartment remained mother, a woman old, who is hard of hearing.

At the city forum it is reported that the collapsed building – house N60 on University Avenue near a stop “Oil technical school”. There are published photos and eyewitness accounts. “Live on the next stop, I heard an explosion, there was a very strong shock wave and a very loud sound of the explosion itself,” writes forum member.

Locals add that standing next to the machines and in nearby houses the blast wave knocked out Windows, in particular in homes N4 and N8 on the street Panfilov.

The pipeline with gas injured workers who attempted to illegally connect to water line

Users of the private public “a Gesture of Volgograd” noted that a strong smell of gas was felt to have collapsed at home early in the morning and the staff of gas service arrived shortly before the explosion.

“Gas leak, said to have been, and then came the gas, and, apparently, not yet”, – said at the forum a witness of the incident Artem Knyazev. According to TASS, at the moment of explosion there were employees of gas services.

According to the source Agency in the Ministry of emergency situations, “there was a collapse of interfloor overlappings third entrance, according to preliminary data, destroyed 12 apartments from the fourth to the first floor.”

The source of the explosion was outside – near the shopping pavilions excavator was carried out excavation work. According to the preliminary version, during the excavation of the soil were affected by the pipe of the pipeline. It dug a hole and was the source of a strong smell of gas, reports

According to RIA “Novosti”, the repair was conducted by a local management company OOO GK “URV” with the permission of the local administration. The management company, the maintenance of which was the house, however, denied the information that its employees have been shifted to the pipeline. The CEO of the company Sergey Duhnov said that the work was not carried out at the request of the company and what work there was conducted, he does not know notes

Arrived at the emergency region Governor Andrei Bocharov, the TV channel “Russia 24″ stated that the explosion occurred due to damage to gas pipe work, trying to illegally connect to the conduit.

“This is criminal negligence of those persons who tried to illegally connect to water line… During these works, permission for which was not damaged the pipeline with gas,” he said.

Bocharov stressed that the work of one of the companies was led out of the building from the outside. “Permits for works she did not have”, – said Andrey Bocharov.

Arrived on the scene, emergency workers engaged in analysis of blockages under which there can be people that cut down trees to make ladders could get to house and provide access to the upper floors.

The house was withdrawn 13 people, residents prepared the temporary accommodation centres, where people are provided with everything necessary, said a rescue service.

On-site emergency work of fire rescue unit, put a cordon. Involved almost 60 rescuers.

The investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the fact of the collapse of the house

The investigative Committee for the Volgograd region opened a criminal case upon a collapse of the entrance of a house in Volgograd, reported on the website of the Ministry.

The case was initiated under part 3 of article 238 of the criminal code (fulfillment of works or rendering services not meeting safety requirements). Circumstances of incident are established, are assigned the necessary expertise.

In the investigation of the case will be set by the perpetrators. “Found guilt of everyone, including workers who… damaged pipeline”, – promised the Governor of the region Andrei Bocharov.

In Volgograd from a gas explosion completely collapsed staircase in high-rise building 16.05.2017

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