In Volgograd unknown persons tried to set fire to the house of the Governor of the region Andrey Bocharov: over the fence into the cottage Latoshinka broke man, rushing for the bottle with an incendiary mix. V1 notes that information about the place of residence of the head of region informal. On search of the malefactor the sources said agencies TASS and “Interfax”. In the Department of internal Affairs across the Volgograd region information does not comment.

The incident occurred in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday: a man climbed over the fence of the plot and threw a burning object into the territory of homeownership. Was home at the time the Governor or any of his family members is unknown. V1 claims that the arsonist or arsonists could shoot one of the cameras.

Thus V1 is said that even to enter the territory of the elite settlement, not being a home owner, or without an invitation of some of the inhabitants difficult. The entrance to the village is protected, and the vehicles passed through the checkpoint with a barrier.

On Wednesday, the village came to the police officers of the criminal investigation police, who interviewed residents of the village and seized records from surveillance cameras. One of the local residents living adjacent to the house Bocharova, said that the police were interested in, would it DVRs to capture the night of the incident.

The regional emergency management Agency TASS said that no calls are in fact fires, or fires from the city poselok Latoshinka last night was not.

In Volgograd tried to set fire to the Governor’s residence Bocharov 17.11.2016

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