In Voronezh passed in court criminal case concerning participants of criminal group which traded in assaults on the staff of the pharmacy and the Bank. In one scene, the attackers used a dead fowl, to strike fear into the staff of the financial institution.

There appeared before the court three inhabitants of Voronezh, aged from 28 to 30 years. They face a sentence of 15 years imprisonment, according to the official website of the regional Moi.

It is established that malefactors have committed crimes on the territory of the regional center since December 2015. In the evening two of them, hiding faces with masks or scarves and make sure there are no visitors into the pharmacy. “Under the threat of an air gun or pistol-lighter stun gun and they demanded that workers transfer of funds”, – said in a press release.

Taking possession of the revenue, the attackers had fled the scene by car under the control of a third person involved.

The attack also destroyed the Bank. In this case, the criminals “used to intimidate and distract personnel dead crow, which was catapulted into the building.”

A dead bird the attackers was thrown right into the victims. For this they were nicknamed “the Gang of black crows.”

The Bank robbery ended badly for the attackers. The robbers did not know that in their chosen branch was only carried out cashless financial transactions.

The total amount caused by the actions of the robbers of the material damage amounted to about 87 thousand rubles. Stolen malefactors divided among themselves and used for their own needs.

Solving crimes has been the efforts of the most experienced investigators of the regional police Central Board, their colleagues from the regional departments of the Ministry of internal Affairs and forensic experts.

Investigators seized records from surveillance cameras, on which was imprinted the actions of criminals. Video has installed their signs. Later the staff of the patrol service regiment of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Voronezh have detained one of the defendants, who was going to commit a new crime.

“During personal inspection the citizen was in possession of discovered a mask and a Taser. As a result, further work has been established the identity and whereabouts of his accomplices,” – said in Moi.

Now the accused are in temporary detention facility. They are charged with part 4 of article 162 of the criminal code (“Robbery”). The materials of the curious things said about the 11 criminal episodes, with 10 robberies committed in organized group.

In Voronezh the gang tried to Rob a Bank using to intimidate a dead crow 27.09.2016

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