In the suburban town of Voskresensk for the resurrection of the chief physician of station of ambulance Yury Savkin yesterday morning, November 23, was attacked. The doctor was hospitalized with stab wounds in resurrection hospital.

In a press-service GU MVD of Russia in Moscow region, TASS confirmed the fact
attack. “The duty of the Moi of Russia for the
Resurrection district received a report from admissions
The resurrection of the city hospital that the ambulance from
one of the houses on the street of Kuibyshev delivered 37-year-old local resident
with a diagnosis of penetrating stab wound of the lumbar region” –
told in the press service of the Moscow police.

As reported by “Interfax”,
the attack on him happened in the yard of the house on Kuibyshev street, when he
7:30 to go to work. The victim operated, as
it is estimated as heavy.
reports that the Savkin damaged kidneys. Due to the serious condition he
until you can testify.

According to the “Moscow
, the attacker not only twice stabbed the medic
with a knife, but shot him from a pneumatic gun. Attack
happened when male – Yuri Savkin – warmed up the car, which
I went to work. Despite his injuries, hands and back, he began
to defend the assailant, and then in a few minutes left.

A week before the attack, glavrach became the hero of scandal in the local media

After the attack, the duty of the police Voskresensk called
unknown and reported that Yuriy Savkin near his home on the street
Kuibyshev was wounded, but arrived on the scene
police found no signs of a struggle and the victim, and the phone
the caller was already blocked, writes MK.

Only phone messages from the local doctors, the police learned that
the victim was taken to the hospital. According to police, the assailant is not
expressed threats to the victim, and the recent conflict with
sick and at the household level in men was not, however, about a week
ago the doctor had a row with local journalists.

The conflict occurred because of investigative journalism “sinks”
health care providers information about the dead – ritual agencies. As
it follows from the notes
on the website for November 21, altercation occurred with the journalist of this edition
Victor Tarasov.

Reporter came to the service “ambulance” and tried to ask Yuri
Savkino the question of whether Ambulance staff without the consent of the
relatives of the deceased to disseminate information that contains
personal data of the deceased, other persons, businesses for
the type of funeral home.

The doctor refused to talk to reporters and called the guards,
that escorted them from the facility. YouTube channel
voskresenskru there is a video of a failed interview where Savkin
refuses to answer questions.

According to the site “”, Savkin accused Tarasov that
he presented the document, although, as they say on the website, got
a verbal request for comments, learned the journalist by name and
patronymic and adding that “constantly reading” it.

The purpose of the investigation was to establish how private funeral
the office of Lyubertsy, owned by individual entrepreneur
Alexey Karpov, is on places of deaths of the residents of Voskresensk and
Voskresensky area faster than the police and doctors. In this firm,
earning funeral arrangements and resale deathly
supplies, transported the dead across the city in not intended
for this the van with the door open. The clarification of this issue was
series of materials published on a site with 12
for 14

Journalists insist that had the right to shoot the doctor and ask
he questions in accordance with the law on the media, as his actions are regarded
as the obstruction of their legal professional activities.

The police carried out a complex quickly-investigation actions,
aimed at establishing the circumstances of the incident and
establishment of the persons involved in the attack. Investigation Department
UMVD brought criminal case under article 111 of the criminal code (“Intentional
causing of heavy harm to health from the use of weapons or objects
used as a weapon”).

The Ministry of health proposed to increase the penalty for assault on doctors

In the beginning of the week, November 21, the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation made a proposal to make
the criminal code amendments providing for the punishment of attempt
for doctors and other medical staff in the performance of their duties in
deprivation of liberty for a term of 12 years to life. For the violence, not
dangerous to life and health of health care provider, the Agency recommends
to be punished by a fine of up to 200 thousand rubles, and for the threat – to put on
ten years.

The amendments were published on the website
disclosure of legal information. As stated in the explanatory note to
documents, the bill developed by the Ministry of health together with the Union
the medical community, “national medical chamber” and
All-Russian state University of justice.

The reason was the increased attacks on medical
workers, mostly employees of the ambulance service.

The Minister of health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova at the end of September
said that the bill has passed the stage of public debate and
coordinated with concerned departments. She stressed
the need for stricter penalties for assault aggressive people
to medical professionals, noting that this affected not only the
doctors but also those patients who do not receive assistance in time.

“If a medical officer to perform their duties, offended,
it hurt patients who at this point had received no medical
assistance”, – said the head of Department.

Formally, the Russian legislation there is article about drawing
serious injuries to people in the performance of official
duties for which the punishment is increased, but this article is her
allocates the physicians in a separate category, although individual articles have
attacks on government officials and employees
the law enforcement agencies.

“If the representative of state power in the performance raised his hand,
this case, regardless of the extent of damage, – 10 years for
jail,” said Veronika Skvortsova.

According to the Ministry, in 2015, Saint-Petersburg
was 47 attacks on the ambulance, in Chelyabinsk for this
same period – more than thirty.

The Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev, without waiting for the Federal
the law, in October ordered
to provide the emergency Department and the sanitary inspection rooms of hospitals in the region
stun guns that healthcare workers can use to protect
from aggressive patients and their relatives.

Some cases of attacks on doctors got into the media

At the end of may in the Central city hospital N1 in city Orekhovo-Zuyevo
three doctors were
in the x-ray room a relative of a VIP patient
unhappy that the doctors were not able to immediately serve someone,
because he was busy with other patients. In August at the same hospital brother
the patient was beaten
laboratory technician-radiologist, the suspect is in custody.

In July, the hospital of the Moscow city ozyory the patient caused
doctor injuries “over slow aid”.

In October in Blagoveshchensk there was a conflict between employees
The Amur regional clinical hospital and representatives
the Armenian Diaspora, which beat
the guards of the medical institution and tried to get to

In Voskresensk, Moscow region attacked the chief of the er 25.11.2016

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