In the centre of Warsaw detained a Russian who started the drone near the building of the Polish government, the Ministry of defence and the Apostolic Palace. A man suspected of violation of the Air code of Poland, in connection with which he faces up to five years of imprisonment.

Information about detention of the Russian citizen confirmed to TASS the press Secretary of the Warsaw police Mariusz Mrozek. “A citizen of Russia he was detained. In this case, the police asked the Bureau of government protection, where staff noticed flies in the area Ujazdowski street drone,” – said the Agency interlocutor. In this area there are buildings of the government of Poland, the ministries of defense and foreign Affairs of the Republic, notes TASS.

According to Mrozek, the owner of the drone was arrested, the aircraft confiscated. “Proceedings” – said the representative of the Warsaw police. The detainee is suspected of violation of the Air code, said the representative of the Warsaw police. Article 212 prohibits such flights in this part of the city. To the man threatens till five years of imprisonment.

According to the Polish TV channel TVN 24, the case of Russia passed not only the police but also in the internal security Agency of Poland. The investigators find out what purpose the detainee flew a drone in the centre of Warsaw and what information he managed to collect.

An anonymous source channel reported that the police fairly quickly found the owner of the drone. According to the source, TVN 24, at the moment of detention the man was sitting on the street Bagatela in the Porsche Cayenne with the Russian numbers, and revealed Russian documents.

By words a press-the Secretary of police of Warsaw, and usually information about such detention passed by the police to the Consulate, but we don’t know when it will happen. The Russian Embassy in Poland has not yet received from the Polish authorities about the detention of Russians. “Official information on this case from the Polish side has not received. Find out” – said TASS press Secretary of the Embassy Valeria Pirinska.

In Warsaw detained a Russian citizen who launched the drone, near the building of the defense Ministry of Poland 26.09.2016

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