In the Internet appeared the video of the fight at the House of trade unions in the centre of Yakutsk: a fight happening right on the roadway and eventually into the crowd crashed the car. Later it became known that the driver of the car made arrival on purpose.

In a video posted on may 15, the unknown begins to chase the man on the vacant lot and right beside him on the roadway where knocked on the ground and begin beating him. By passing cars, and after some time in fighting cuts Toyota Probox. The driver gets out, the participants of the fight running away. From hitting the car no one was injured, said the Nightingale.Info”. From the movie impossible to install if the machine crashes into the fighting, which first was in the wasteland, but outwardly the car is similar.


The fight happened at the Kurashova, 24, a few hundred meters from the building of the district administration, said SakhaLife.

Later became known details of the incident. According to police, beatable was the driver of the Probox, reports Behind the wheel of the car sat his passenger, who decided thus to save his friend.

It turned out that two brothers sat down in the car, where the driver with the passenger, and all together began to drink alcohol. In the process of libations brothers quarreled with the driver and got out of the car. He had a crowbar and he began to beat her new friends, but the forces were unequal and soon beaten was he. His passenger eventually decided to save him, took the wheel and drove to the parties to the conflict. Eventually one of the brothers went to the police with a complaint that he was beaten with a tire iron, then drove him by car.

In Yakutsk, a man rammed a car fighting, to break it up (VIDEO) 16.05.2017

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