The police of Yakutsk are investigating the circumstances of the mass brawl that occurred on September 27 near the center of sports preparation “Triumph”. According to preliminary data, in the brawl involved about 100 people. In the Internet appeared the video shot by bystanders of the fight.

Police first reported two detainees. Then it became known about the capture of 10 suspected hooligans. Their actions will be given a legal
assessment, reports “Interfax” with reference to the press service of the Republican interior Ministry.

It is reported that dozens of young people were out on campus in Yakutsk. The fight was preceded by a quarrel that occurred in a bar “Shelter bodlivy goats.” Thereafter, the parties agreed on “arrow” on campus, says SakhaLife.

At the time of brawl in the middle of it was a vehicle by which ran a crowd of bullies. The occupants of the car shot the event on camera, and then the video was published online.

“There’s a fat guy wet,” says the one of the witnesses, commenting on what is happening.

One of the groups of bullies, chasing opponents, throwing stones at them. Participants of fight have also used sticks and debris.

“There, killed that guy, in my opinion, added with a grin passenger in the car. – The police have to call”.


The interior Ministry meanwhile claimed that the result of the fight no one was injured, and in medical institutions the participants in the brawl were not addressed.

“The identity of the instigators and participants of the conflict installed. The police Department delivered a number of young people aged 17 to 21 years, students of educational institutions, one of which is earlier judged for Commission of roguish actions”, – informs the official website of the Republican interior Ministry.

In relation to detainees will be a procedural decision. “In educational institutions will be sent the submission on the review and adoption of appropriate measures”, – concluded in the police.

As suggested YakutiaMedia.ruin a fight involving freshmen.

Amid reports about the fight of students attending North-Eastern Federal University received a text warning with an appeal not to participate in any fights under threat of expulsion.

We will add, a year ago, “the Shelter bodlivy goats” have appeared in the criminal chronicle. Then the fight occurred at the entrance to this bar.

One of the participants of the scuffle was shot down by Mercedes-Benz in white. The man was thrown to a height of about one meter, after which he fell to the ground unconscious.

After the accident, the Mercedes was gone, and in it, judging by the video, almost on the move, jumped two or three participants of the fight.

In Yakutsk after a fight involving 100 people detained 12 young people (VIDEO) 28.09.2016

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