In the Yakut state institution “Educational resource center” the second week in a raging scandal. On Thursday, October 13, the workers, who were tasked to take out the trash the broken piano, by mistake threw out the piano-rarity, the cost of which amounted to 500 thousand rubles. Accident to the limit to escalate the relations between the centre and renting his premises Copyright music school.

As recalled Ykt.ruthe school premises were allocated last year at the insistence of the state Duma Deputy Mikhail Nikolaev. The relationship between the public and private institutions did not work – the stumbling block was the lease.

Matsuev has announced a “real terror” in Russia is no longer doing piano

“Copyright music school is unique in the Republic the fact that we train people of all ages, from elementary students to the elderly. Children with disabilities we train for free. Rent they had to deal with a 40 percent discount. In fact, things didn’t work out as we expected. First, the contract we slipped late in almost a year. Second, we did not agree with the amount, the timing, when those leases began. Thirdly, we have asked the government to fix the sewage leak, which was not done, and the contract was written, that we are satisfied with the sanitary condition,” says assistant Director of Author’s school of music Daria Profatilova.

According to her, the management of Educational resource center created all sorts of obstacles to their roommates, competitors, and even disrupted concerts. In a private school are also confident that the unique piano was broken and thrown by order of the head of a state institution of Mikhail Donskoy.

“We found that our piano, property of the Copyright music school at a cost of 500 thousand rubles, lying all broken on the street, under the stairs. It threw the workers under the order of the Director of the Educational resource center Mikhail Donskoy. A guard tried to stop the guys who took out the piano, but nobody listened. At this time, we went to the police. Damages the amount of which exceeds 10 thousand rubles, should be the basis for a criminal case,” says Profatilova.

The Ministry of culture of Yakutia conducts official investigation. “An error has occurred. Workers had to endure a broken piano that was in the back room, and the guys made a working piano of the hall. Next week will be the meeting and addressed the issue of damages. With regard to the contractual relationship, the contract we were in fact staying,” – said the chief methodologist of the Department ion Grigoriev.

In Yakutsk, the workers accidentally dropped a rare piano for half a million 19.10.2016

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