Yakutsk police identified the men suspected of beating a customer and her young daughter on the threshold of the store. The quarrel the suspect with the victims has begun near the banks when a man tried to pass the front of the line. The beatings, women and girls were recorded by a surveillance camera, a video published on the Internet.

According to police, an aggressive visitor to the shop was 53-year-old resident of Yakutsk. Currently, the materials of the check are sent to Prosecutor’s office for further action, according to the official website of the Republican interior Ministry.

According to the woman who submitted the application to the police Department N2 of Yakutsk, March 17 at about 20:00 she, along with 12-year-old daughter went out for groceries in a shop located on the street Kalandarishvili. There the customer has entered into a verbal argument with a man.

After a quarrel, the first visitor left the trading hall, and then waited for their “amidzic” on the street. On the porch of the store, the man beat victims, prudently looking back before that to the sides and wearing a hood: he hit a woman kicked in the stomach and face, and inflicted a blow on the head of her young daughter.


An hour after beating the injured woman filed a police report. Later she and her daughter went for medical examination.

According Life.rufrom hands of the malefactor suffered Antonina Omelchenko and her 12-year-old daughter. The woman said that the store man was rude and tried to quickly squeeze through to the checkout.

“He was urging us with his daughter and behaved inappropriately. In order to pacify his ardor, after the first attempts to push me on the spot, I took the phone and said that will record everything on camera,” said the woman.

Antonina turned on the camera. The man walked up close to it and probably was ready in store to use physical force, as follows from the published frames.


Police quickly established the identity of the violent men, told REN TV the head of the press service of the interior Ministry of Yakutia Maria Mironova. “He was taken to the police Department, respondents. Was assembled necessary material for this fact. In accordance with the norms of criminal procedure legislation in relation to it will be decided,” added a police spokesman.

The suspect’s name is Nicholas Zaporozhets, according to Sakha News.

In Yakutsk visitor to the shop, bursting to the checkout, beat the woman and the girl made a remark (VIDEO) 23.03.2017

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