In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district has completed the preliminary investigation of criminal case concerning 30-the summer inhabitant of Labytnangi. He is suspected of torturing a minor adopted son. The man beat the boy for refusing to give him their savings. The attacker also shot the child in the foot from the pneumatic weapon.

Currently the criminal case with indictment was sent to the Prosecutor, informs an official site of management of SK Russian Federation on YANAO.

The investigation began after law enforcement authorities of the city Labytnangi applied woman. She told me that her husband cruelly treats her eight-year-old son.

“During check it was established that in 2015-2016 30-year-old man had repeatedly inflicted physical and mental suffering to the child by causing him a beating,” – said in a press release. In particular, 4 August 2016 around 4:00 a man, being intoxicated, demanded that the stepson gave him their savings. Stepfather knew the boy has a piggy Bank, in which he is saving money for a toy. The accused had intended to spend these savings for the purchase of alcohol.

The child refused to give the money to the stepfather, and then the drunk man punched him, causing the boy “at least two kicks in the chest”.

It is also established that in late may 2016, the accused, resting on the banks of the river together with his family, had a good time shooting bottles with an air rifle. Then the man, sickened by the child intentionally shot him in the leg “in order to hurt him”. The victim needed surgery, according to “Vesti Yamal” with reference to the senior assistant administrator on interaction from mass media of SU SK Rossii po YANAO Elena dem’yanov.

And August 13, 2016 around 11:00 the accused was arrested by police officers when driving in an alcohol intoxication, traveled by car through the city streets.

As part of the investigation was forensic and other forensic examination. During the verification of testimony at the crime scene, the man admitted his guilt.

Information about committed in respect of a child a crime “is directed to the city Commission for minors and protection of their rights with a view to the adoption of the rehabilitation measures against the victim.”

The boy’s stepfather is charged with paragraph “d” of part 2 of article 117 (“Torture of the minor”) and article 264.1 (“driving while intoxicated made by a person subjected to administrative punishment for driving a vehicle while intoxicated) the criminal code of the Russian Federation.

In YANAO man stabbed 8-year-old stepson of an air rifle and beat him for refusing to give the money deposited for the purchase of toys 01.11.2016

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