The investigating bodies of the Sverdlovsk region is interested in the media reports that in Ekaterinburg the conductor got off the bus in 30-degree cold of a minor passenger who failed to pay for the passage. Upon incident criminal case is brought, informs a site of investigatory management SK on region.

The case was initiated under article 238 of the RF criminal code (rendering services not meeting requirements of safety of life and health of consumers). The Agency notes that in the course of the investigation it is planned to interrogate all participants of this story, check out the documentation of the shipping company and “thoroughly to establish all the circumstances” of the incident.

In particular, the investigators intend to find out why a young child – nine – year-old girl was asked to leave the bus, despite the fact that prolonged exposure to a hard frost could have a negative impact on her health. At the same time, according to media publications, with the representatives of the shipping company has not taken any measures that though somehow to worry about that young child alone in a dangerous situation (for example, was not caused by parents or the police, which would help to establish and contact the girl’s parents, etc.)

The incident took place in Yekaterinburg last Friday, November 18. 9-year-old girl was driving home on the 18 bus route and are unable to pay for your travel – travel she lost, and money was not with him, told the portal the girl’s mother. According to her, her daughter only went one stop, then the conductor demanded that she got off the bus. As a result, the girl had to walk three stops.

While the day was very cold. Initially, the media wrote about the 30-degree cold, but later the girl’s mother explained that it was about -25. However, according to “Gismeteo”, it was -20. Thus “the First channel” reported about abnormal cold weather that triggered the Ekaterinburg municipal accident. The cold is complained even a Finnish Santa Claus.

The girl’s mother filed a complaint in Yekaterinburg “Municipal Association of bus companies”. There are reporters confirmed that the behavior complained to the conductor and another passenger who witnessed the situation. The company stressed that their fellow “human being did wrong.”

Meanwhile, the case interested in the office of the Federal children’s Ombudsman and the mayor of Yekaterinburg. The head of the city Yevgeny Roizman admitted that the story of his “hurt”. “Immediately began to understand. Interviewed all the conductors and drivers of 18-th route, who was on the line” – he wrote in Facebook.

First media reports were not confirmed, in connection with which they began to Express the assumption that the whole story could be fantasy. But then it turned out that it is not. The conductor, landed the girl found, and she gave an interviewin which he told the details of the story.

In addition, users remembered another story that happened in Yekaterinburg this summer. Then the bus drove the schoolgirl Cardiospermum that wasn’t a bomb. Then the Prosecutor’s office conducted an audit and has demanded to punish the conductor.

In Yekaterinburg opened a case for the conductor, on a cold day landed out of the bus the girl without a ticket 23.11.2016

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