In Ekaterinburg took place the premiere of the film “Near us” is about love and terrorism, which at the request of the center “e” the interior Ministry has removed a priest at the money of their parishioners. Writes Znak.comat the first public showing came more than 300 people, mostly teenagers, which has led teachers, received an order from the regional Minobra.

The idea of the anti-terrorist movie appeared in 2014 at the all-Russian meeting of heads of police units to combat extremism. Representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs made an order to create propaganda paintings, turning with him in the Ministry of culture, as one would expect, but to the Metropolitan of Novosibirsk and Berdsk Tikhon.

“The decision to apply it in the Novosibirsk Metropolitanate was taken because the Ministry of internal Affairs was already familiar with my previous kinorabotoy “that’s not my problem”, which I filmed for the Gosnarkontrolya, experience decided to repeat,” explained the writer-Director-producer of the film, rector of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Novosibirsk Alexander Novopashin.

According to him, the order was received, but the money is “not found”, so I had to seek assistance to congregations and individuals.

In the movie “with us” tells of a young beauty Anastasia who fell in love with a member of the sectarian organization “the Brotherhood of evening dawn” Sergey, carried away by extremist ideas, and became a suicide bomber.

The main role was played by the Director’s daughter Alexander novopashina, and the operator was his son Cyril Novopashin. The shooting took place in six cities.

In the picture mixed everything: Nazis, Bandera bandits, bandits, prostitutes, pedophiles, drugs, alcoholism, decaying Russian village, corruption, love and betrayal. All this made the film too bright and very unrealistic, journalists said.

Nevertheless, the film received “a copy of the Grand prize for the most conscientious and spiritual cinema” Shukshin film festival prize of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and the victory in the nomination “Best feature film” Kiev international film festival. Currently, said its Creator mitred Archpriest, talks about the show on one of the Central Federal channels.

In Yekaterinburg, presented the anti-terrorism film that a priest according to the order of the Ministry of interior (VIDEO) 03.11.2016

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