In Sverdlovsk region court on Tuesday sentenced 42-year-old businesswoman found guilty in attack on pregnant woman. The quarrel of two avtolyubitelnitsa happened on the way to Yekaterinburg and was filmed on video.

The defendant Natalia Fedotov was found guilty in the death threat. Russian Themis has sentenced her to one year of imprisonment conditionally. Kommersantu was also ordered to pay victim Catherine Tafintseva 50 thousand rubles as compensation of moral harm, writes “Our newspaper”.

Affected the decision of judges considers too soft and intends to appeal.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, the conflict between the two women occurred on may 19 at the house N25 at Olkhovskaya street in the neighborhood Uralmash. Natalia Fedotova, drove the Mazda Axela in Bashkir rooms, did not like that the driver of the Toyota Vitz Catherine Tafintseva’t miss it when leaving the yard to the road. In retaliation Fedotov several times rammed the car “obesity”.

At the scene began a verbal altercation two avtolyubitelnitsa, one of which was driving in the car the daughter was preparing to have another baby. The argument quickly escalated into a fight: women kicked and broke the glass Fedotov cars, strangled Tafintseva and hit her on the leg.

When the aggressive woman driver tried to escape, she was held up passing the PPP, reported the news Agency Later she was released under recognizance not to leave.

A 29-year-old Catherine Tafintseva was sent to the hospital N24 with the threat of miscarriage. Few weeks she spent in a medical institution for the preservation, transfers “Regional TV”.

Brawl women caught on camera eyewitness, and the video was published online.


They also found that the documents Mazda Axela belongs to the Dinara Garachine. According to the owner, he leased a foreign car for demolition three years ago. Since then, he receives the fines from those places where he was not. And to remove the vehicle from the register, the man can not, as the machine seized.

After the incident at Olkhovskaya Fedotov did not show remorse. “Autohome” as it was called in the press, claimed that Catherine provoked her. Fedotov also threatened to “be ridden on the courts” the victim wrote to the news Agency

When the case went to trial, and appeared in the press photo and the name of the defendant, Natalia stated that she began to receive threats. According to the woman, the unknown threatened to rape her minor daughter.

Note that in the summer of last year in Ekaterinburg there were also reports of beating his pregnant avtolyubitelnitsa during a traffic conflict. 39-year-old Evelina Murzina, passing through the center of the city, did not miss the driver of the Audi A7, which was 35-the summer businessman Boris Malafeev. Angry, the driver caught up with “the offender” and he cut her off. Then he got out of the cars, a white car approached the victim and started shouting at the woman. Malafeev has also damaged the mirror, kicked the car door and hit the Murzin in the face. At that moment the woman was at the 19th week of pregnancy.

The incident was filmed on the DVR installed in the car of the victim. We also found out that Boris Malafeev has previously worked in the Prosecutor’s office, following in the footsteps of her mother. Tamara Malafeeva, held the post of head of the Prosecutor for supervision over the procedural activity of IC in Sverdlovsk region, had to submit a letter of resignation.

In Yekaterinburg, the business lady who has beaten in a road fight a pregnant enthusiast who got off with probation 10.11.2016

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