Amid the ambitious plans of the government to reduce expenditure on medicine in Russian medical institutions, the continuing scandals associated with the provision of doctors unskilled care to patients. So, I had not yet forgotten the story of a doctor in Primorye, which was recommended bitten by a dog the patient instead of the shot “a candle” in the Church in Yekaterinburg, the woman is the sick-list and the recipe gave the Council the “Google of drugs”, reports RIA “FederalPress”.

According to the Agency, with a controversial recommendation was made by the primary care physician TSGB N 3 Yekaterinburg. 21 Oct turned to her patient, who had complained of malaise and a temperature of 38 degrees. “Despite this, the doctor refused to write me a sick leave and advised to find effective drugs online. She said: “Googling on the Internet, there are a lot of drugs”, – the victim told.

She added that despite the loss, complaining to medical authorities of the hospital she did not, and “just went to work, determined to be treated the available means.”

In turn, the Ministry of health of the Sverdlovsk region said that the advice to seek medication on the Internet from the medical staff, in principle, unacceptable. “We are constantly struggling with self-treatment, but here such situation. Of course, not impossible. In such cases, you should address the direct guidance of a physician – the chief of Department. If it is not resolved is to complain to the health Department of Ekaterinburg”, – explained the press-Secretary of the Ministry Konstantin Shestakov.

It is known that CCH N 3 Yekaterinburg headed by Alexander Galperin, who is respected in the professional community. “If Alexander Markovich know about such recommendations, the guilty will not find,” – said in conversation with the correspondent one of the representatives of medassistant.

The doctors add that the therapist in the presence of external signs of disease in the patient (runny nose, fever) was obliged to issue the certificate of temporary incapacity. “At a temperature of 38 degrees is at least “landing” for three days. So don’t hesitate to assert their rights,” – said the Ministry of health.

Note that this is not the first strange advice, given by Russian doctors to patients for the last time. Previously a lot of fuss about a story that happened in a hospital of Dalnegorsk in Primorsky Krai. There the doctor was not able to be vaccinated against rabies 11-year-old girl bitten by a stray dog, due to the lack of vaccines. Alternatively, he advised parents unhappy “to go to Church and light a candle that the dog was healthy”.

After the story became widely known, intervened power. In the end the physician-innovator was dismissed, and the chief physician of medical institution received a severe reprimand for incomplete service conformity.

We will remind, in the beginning of this year in connection with the continuing fall in world oil prices and economic recession, the Russian government decided to amend the budget by 2016 and to reduce the previously laid costs by 10%.

Thus, the draft budget of the Russian Federation provides for reduction of healthcare expenses in the next three years three times. In addition, it implies that the national health project the government has allocated 52% less than requested by the Ministry of health.

In Yekaterinburg, the doctor refused to discharge the patient to the hospital, sending a “Google of drugs” on the Internet 28.10.2016

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