In the Sverdlovsk region investigating the murder of a woman and her newborn child, which is suspected intelligence officer. According to one version, the security officer killed the household in a condition of narcotic intoxication.

Criminal punishment for 36-year-old employee of the Federal security service Alexander Ignatiev. At the moment he is in hospital under protection, which confirms the photo published In the picture the half-naked suspect sitting in a hospital bed, and his right hand was handcuffed, strapped to an iron frame bed.

Neck bandaged Ignatieff (according to preliminary information, he tried to commit suicide). The suspect in a double homicide was operated in the Department of maxillofacial surgery of the city hospital N23 in Yekaterinburg. After the operation of the security services has improved. Chamber Ignatiev is guarded around the clock by people in mufti.

According to the begun investigation, on October 21 around 7:00 Ignatieff was in his apartment, located at N68 on the streets of Turners. There he was attacked with the knife 33-year-old wife Anastasia, who is three days earlier celebrated her birthday, as well as on four-month-old daughter Dasha. The girl and her mother were fatally injured.

After the massacre of relatives Ignatiev stabbed himself in the throat and hit him in the jaw.

The eldest daughter of the suspect, who was seven years old, managed to survive.

The murder was preceded by a family argument, in which Alexander asked the eldest daughter to dress and leave the apartment. A neighbor, seeing the entrance of the girl, took her to the Concierge and he called the police, writes “Our newspaper”.

According to one version, the crime was committed in a fit of jealousy: Ignatiev supposedly learned about adultery and that the biological father of the youngest daughter is the other man.

It is reported that at the time of the stabbing, the suspect was sober. But sources in the investigation did not rule out that Ignatieff was under the influence of drugs.

The investigation conducted by the staff of the military investigation Department for the Central military district.

About Alexander Ignatiev is known that he is a hereditary security officer. His father worked in bodies of KGB of the USSR. In addition, the suspect in the murder was a friend and classmate “ham road” Boris Malafeev. In 2002, Bruno Ignatieff graduated from the Institute of the Prosecutor’s office, Ural state law University.

We will remind, the starting lineup last year, driving a prestigious car, cut in front and beat a pregnant enthusiast. The actions of the former public Prosecutor’s worker and businessman, recorded by the video recorder, caused a public outcry. In the end, the mother of Boris, also worked in the Prosecutor’s office, was forced to resign.

In Yekaterinburg, the FSB, killing the wife and child, handcuffed to a hospital bed 24.10.2016

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