In Yekaterinburg in the center of the photo “March” Thursday, 29 September, the audience will be presented the film about the American photographer Jock Sturges in the exhibition of which “Without embarrassment” in the scandal closed in Moscow, reports “Ekaterinburg-TV.

Originally scheduled site of the gallery “March” on September 29 included a film about another photographer, Paul strand, and announcement pictures of the Sturges Line of beauty and grace” was posted. Then the schedule quickly corrected.

Activists immediately expressed indignation in connection with the plans of the gallery. Center page photos of “March” in the social network Facebook after posting the announcement about the screening of the film about Jock Sturges on Wednesday morning for some time was blocked. Later, however, the lock was removed.

“I got a notification from Facebook that a lock is associated with Sturges photos that are posted in the announcement for the movie”, – told earlier TASS curator Artyom Berkovich.

In an interview with Yekaterinburg TV” Berkowitz doubt that the film will be removed from the show due to complaints of individual citizens. He reminded that member of the Public chamber, head of the organization “Officers of Russia” Anton Tsvetkov refused claims by the organizers of the Moscow exhibition, and the children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova, who wrote about “child pornography” the exhibition, has removed his post from Facebook.

According to Berkowitz, the film about the photographer in the center decided to show, because it is now “focus”. “It is our duty to move the conversation with meaningless information noise in the plane of the discussions of art on the level of expert assessments,” said Berkowitz.

In the film, Sturges explains in detail his artistic concept, his understanding of beauty and the place of the artist in the world. “His models in the film are also interviewed. There are professional things related to the shooting,” said the curator.

After the screening there will be discussion of the situation with the participation of historians, cultural experts and photographers. “We want to talk about art in its different aspects,” said Berkowitz, adding that earlier this movie’s already been shown and did not cause such a reaction. “Our show is not aimed at those people who are looking for sensations and scandals. It is addressed to those people who are interested in art,” said Artyom Berkovich.

Exhibition of Jock Sturges “Without embarrassment” was opened in the Center of photography Lumiere brothers from 8 September. On 25 September members of the organization “Officers of Russia” blocked the entrance to the exhibition, to protest against the popularization of the works of Sturges, after which the management center of photography has voluntary closed the show.

Flowers and “Officers of Russia” came to the exhibition after the blogger Lena Miro (Elena Mironenko) was published, not presented in Moscow pictures of Sturgis naked children, accusing the organizers of “supporting child pornography”.

After that, the member of Council of Federation Elena Mizulina said that the exhibition should be immediately closed. The Senator said that intends to appeal to Prosecutor General Yury Chaika with a request to conduct a Prosecutor’s check on the fact of the opening of this exhibition in Russia. Ombudsman for children under the President of the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova said that he had held talks with prosecutors about the organization of public Prosecutor’s check of the exhibition.

However, on the eve of Anton Tsvetkov admitted publicly that he was wrong. He explained that he was misled by Lena Miro, and noted that the photos meet the requirements of the Russian legislation and can be demonstrated at the exhibition.

In Yekaterinburg will show a film about the Jock Sturges, the exhibition which closed in Moscow 28.09.2016

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