In the Yemeni capital Sana’a were subjected to bombing the funeral ceremony, killing and injuring hundreds of people, reports TASS with reference to the Lebanese channel Al-Mayadeen.

Most of the victims were civilians who were in the affected area. Al-Mayadeen reports 700 killed and wounded in an air RAID. Reuters , citing a representative of the Ministry of health reports 84 killed and 534 wounded in an air RAID.

As claimed by the Houthis-rebels (supporters of the movement “Ansar Allah”), a coalition aircraft, led by Saudi Arabia struck several blows on the building, which hosted the ceremonies on the occasion of the death of his father “the Minister of internal Affairs of Jalal Ali ar-Louisana” in the newly-formed government of the Houthis.

According to published media photographs and statements of witnesses, the building was completely destroyed.

According to confirmed reports, the ceremony was attended by representatives of the leadership of the rebels in the capital, but casualties among them information has been received.

The command of the Arabian coalition supporting the Yemeni government in fight against rebels-Houthis, at the time of this writing, has not commented on the strike masshtabom.

YEMEN: Footage allegedly shows a Saudi airstrike at a funeral in Sanaa. Casualties are thought to be in excess of 500.- @ansar_allh199

In Yemen bombed a mourning ceremony: hundreds of “dead and wounded” 08.10.2016

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