Armed men seized a police building in Yerevan, the Armenian capital, according to Interfax and TASS. People demand the release of the opposition leader Zhirayr Sefilyan. Also put forward political demands – the resignation of the authorities. In a press-service of the police reported that the building pulled troops, residents of neighboring houses were evacuated. In the result of incident there are victims.

Channel Erkir claims that at least one person was killed. Later the representative of the hijackers said they killed one of the police officers.

The Website referring to the Armenian MP Nikol Pashinyan reports that one of the hostages had agreed to release – it was admitted to the hospital because of rising pressure. According to the NSS, released two. According to various sources, the militants holding 8 or 7 hostages, including high-ranking police officers.

“Freedom” , citing local media reports that the hostages held by the Deputy chief of Yerevan police Valery Osipyan. The location of the conflict there has arrived the chief of the Armenian police Vladimir Gasparyan.

According to TASS, captured the building of the regiment of the patrol service of police in the quarter of Erebuni. Police cars, armored vehicles and military trucks completely blocked the entrance to the captured regiment patrulno-sentry duty. Rooftop snipers, to drive out of there television and photojournalists.

In the Service of national security of Armenia said that the statements of the occupiers of the beginning of the uprising not true. NBC also confirmed reports of the seizure of the hostages: “this morning a group of armed men broke into the patrol-sentry regiment of the police of Armenia and under the threat of violence keeps being there. presently with armed persons negotiating for their peaceful surrender to the authorities”.

The police told TASS about how there was a seizure of the building. According to them, about 30 radicals on the truck “KAMAZ” rammed the gates of the regiment of the police in Yerevan. It happened about 5 am. In the regiment gunfire, there were victims on both sides. The armed men took hostage not only the soldiers of the regiment PPP, but the arriving police officers.

The opposition announced the beginning of the uprising

Supporters arrested June 20, representatives of the opposition Zhirayr Sefilyan declared “the intention to change the situation in Armenia” by means of “armed insurrection”, – said in a statement released by the opposition group. “We have captured one of the main bases of the police in Yerevan and control a quarter of Erebuni in the South of the Armenian capital, they claim.

Sefilyan was arrested on June 20. The investigation revealed that he along with his accomplices planned by armed groups to seize the buildings, structures, telecommunications facilities, including tower of Yerevan. According to investigators, the group planned to carry out criminal acts after the April escalation in the Karabakh conflict zone.

Earlier in the Investigation Committee of Armenia reported that Sefilyan had direct contact with individuals involved in the criminal case as the accused who directly instructed to transport and store weapons and ammunition, and be ready to use them in case of appropriate order.

In Yerevan, armed men seized the police building, demanding the resignation of the authorities 17.07.2016

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