City court of Yoshkar-Ola recognized lawful refusal in excitation of criminal cases at the request of a local resident who accuses the police of using violence. Thus, the court agreed with the Investigative Committee, who believes that officers acted legally, and the detainee broke his own nose, according to the Committee for the prevention of torture.

We are talking about the incident, which happened in February. The man in question, we went with friends in a cafe-grill, to buy cigarettes. “When we went to the store, the cashier refused to serve us without explanation. After several attempts to get her attention I broke a jar of fish, standing at the window, ” he says.

The seller is called the staff of security companies, who in turn called the police. According to the injured men, employees of the interior Ministry did not introduce themselves and asked who they present “the most arrogant”. Then took him outside, dropped to the ground and handcuffed, struck in the face.

In the city police Department the detainee spent a couple of hours. He called an ambulance and the doctors diagnosed a broken nose. To admit the detainee in connection with a suspected head injury, the police was not given.

“After some time I managed to call the Prosecutor and tell them about the situation. When I arrived the employee of Prosecutor’s office together with the security officer of the Department of own safety of the Ministry of internal Affairs, I was handed a Protocol on administrative offense, expressed in disobedience to the police, interviewed about the incident and go home,” says the victim.

Since then, the Investigative Committee of three carried the refusals to Institute criminal proceedings, which human rights defenders appealed against as illegal. The fourth “refusal” the court found reasonable. The detainee “could get injured himself because of his uncontrollable, aggressive behavior, caused by alcohol,” reads the court’s decision. The Committee for the prevention of torture intends to appeal against this decision in higher instance.

In Yoshkar-Ola court found that the detainee broke his own nose 18.10.2016

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