In Zimbabwe, pastor Jonathan Mtetwa of the Holy Church of the Last days tried to show how Jesus walked on water, and was attacked by three crocodiles. By the time of the attack he managed to walk about 30 meters down the river, writes Nigerian The Daily Post.

The incident occurred on Saturday morning, may 13. Mtetwa was trying to demonstrate the biblical miracle of his parishioners at the River of Crocodiles.

“The pastor taught us the power of faith last Sunday. He promised to show us what faith, but eventually drowned and were eaten by three large crocodiles right before our eyes. We still don’t understand how it happened, because he fasted and prayed all week,” he told reporters deacon of the Church Nkosi.

Pastor Mtetwa walked into the water and when there was about 30 meters, tried to rise above the water to start going. Three crocodile appeared from nowhere and attacked him. They tore at the priest for a few minutes. Thereafter, the surface of the river was left only a pair of sandals and underwear.

Rescuers who were caused by the frightened congregation, arrived to the scene 30 minutes, but there was nothing I could do about it.

In Zimbabwe, walking on water pastor eaten by crocodiles, leaving only underwear and sandals 15.05.2017

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