Inconsistent action “peace March” in Moscow resulted in the arrests of a few activists with signs, according to eyewitnesses on Twitter. Also among participants there was a conflict with activists of NOD. According to the site monitoring political arrests “OVD-info” in police vans took away 11 persons, i.e. about every third activist.

The action “peace March” started at about 14:30 on Samotechnaya square. The activists planned to go to the Suvorov square, which was to be held the people’s Assembly.

The number of detainees to be confirmed. Among them was journalist Philip Kireev, which, however, was released, bringing to the paddy wagon.

I was detained by riot police squashed hands. Asnike press card was taken, my camera was trying to clean up

— Philipp Kireev (@mynameisphilipp) 27 September 2015

The start and end columns

— Philipp Kireev (@mynameisphilipp) 27 September 2015

Approval Anastasia Zotova, activists of the “National liberation movement”, is traditionally opposing the liberals, was not among the detainees. From the scene of the action and the subsequent dispute activists “for peace” and representatives of the GBR has left at least one police van with the detainees.

The paddy wagon shouting: “Glory to Kievan Russia, new Russia Sochi”. The paddy wagon drove off

Anastasia Zotova (@Alasta_ven) 27 September 2015

“Rain” reports that an inconsistent March also took place in Petersburg, where the authorities refused to approve any of the 17 proposed by the activists of the routes. The protesters gathered at the metro station “Gorkovskaya” and from there went together to the Kazan Cathedral where we had a people’s Assembly.

Inconsistent “peace March” in Moscow turned into a detention 27.09.2015

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