Indian film star, actor and Director Ravi Babu has attracted worldwide media attention to the problem of the prohibition of circulation in India, banknotes of large denomination – 500 and 1,000 rupees (20 and 40 dollars, respectively), defended the huge queue to the ATM ATM Hyderabad with a Piglet in his hands.

The actor did not pursue any political goals and was driving by and decided to remove the money to fill the car. Little pig Bunty he had taken with him on a film called Adhigo in which he should play the main role.

“I was taking him to the laboratory of computer graphics when I know I need to refuel, and cash is not, – said the actor in an interview with British broadcaster BBC. I stopped at the ATM, but was forced to take the pig with him, because he is wildly screaming while my assistant tried to pick him up”.

A photo of the actor in the queue with a pig in the hands of widely dispersed social networks among the local users.

We will remind, the government of India carried out large-scale monetary reform, which aims to fight corruption by reducing the circulation of cash. Citizens can exchange large bills for smaller banks, but the exchange amount shall not exceed four thousand rupees in one hand.

It is understood that all transaction amounts must now be conducted in the form of cash that the government could control them. Exchange offices also introduced quotas on the withdrawal and exchange of currency of 10 thousand rupees per day and 20 thousand in a week.

Prime Minister of India Narendra modi trying to convince people to give him 50 days to fight corruption, but it resulted only in huge queues for the Bank branches.

Indian film star Ravi Babu with the help of the Piglet has attracted media attention to the issue of prohibition in the country large bills and exchange money 24.11.2016

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