Information about the fee known Russian fighter of the mixed single combats Fedor Emelyanenko for participation in the first fight after a career break in the amount of 2.5 million dollars is not true, said “R-Sport” the organizer of show of the Last Emperor, the Creator of a new platform and former head of the once the biggest MMA organization in the world Pride of Nobuyuki Sakakibara.

“About 2.5 million dollars of the fee is an absolute lie. I’m sure that at various negotiations with the American organizations were offered Fedor a much larger amount than our options. Fedor’s return to your career in Japan absolutely nothing to do with money, and that’s a fact. One of the main reasons is the future of MMA. Theodore was a legendary champion of PRIDE, he had not suffered a single defeat and is an integral part of the history of the formation of the mixed martial arts and part of a unique organization,” said Sakakibara.

“Now we with Feodor have a goal – to create an organization similar to PRIDE, which will provide a platform for young fighters and will give the opportunity for novice athletes to reach the world level. I will say it again, Fedor’s return to Japan has nothing to do with money, here we are talking exclusively about the future of MMA. Only jointly, but not individually we do have the ability to put MMA on the level of time and PRIDE to go forward,” he continued.

Sakakibara does not want to mention the date when will be announced the opponent Emelianenko. “Very soon we here in Tokyo are going to hold a press conference, which will be announced many details of the Christmas show, including the name of the new organization. But can’t say for sure that then we will announce the name of the opponent. While wait, please,” said the promoter.

Information about fees Fedor Emelianenko for new year’s eve battle were exaggerated 02.10.2015

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