Inhabitant of Novokuznetsk died choking on a shish kebab in the bus. The incident occurred on Saturday, October 15, around 15:00 local time (11:00 Moscow time).

One of the passengers of the trip bus “Kemerovo – Novokuznetsk” became ill right after the vehicle drove on the route, according to the “law Enforcement portal of Kuzbass”.

The bus managed to travel a few hundred meters. Driver urgently stopped, as 59-year-old man became ill. Soon on a scene there arrived the ambulance.

As has informed the edition a source in the medical Krag city, arriving doctors have not managed to rescue the man but he was pronounced dead. The cause of death of the passenger, it turned out, upon inspection, it turned out that he choked. From the trachea of the deceased doctors removed a piece of kebab.

According to preliminary data, the inhabitant of Novokuznetsk went by bus to his hometown of Kemerovo. On the road he bought a kebab in a pita who decided to eat on the way. A piece of meat stuck in the bus passenger in the throat and he died from lack of oxygen.

Such incidents are not uncommon. In March in Voronezh during the celebration of carnival dead man who choked on a pancake while eating. The arrived doctors verified death of the man. Holiday in connection with the tragic incident stopped.

Inhabitant of Novokuznetsk died choking on a shish kebab in the bus 17.10.2016

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